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It’s that time of the morning

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Morning all,

17 hours in now and also first thing in the morning which is my favourite time to go for a cig. To try and avert this, I’ve made a lovely coffee and am standing up while drinking it - coupled with deep breathing exercises.

Any other ideas would be welcomed 😁

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jillygirl profile image

Good morning Tommy, It sounds like you already are beating your addiction. Enjoy your coffee, then perhaps have a short walk to make full use of those breathing exercises.

Hold your head high and think to yourself " I dont smoke anymore"

remember NOPE!

xxxx Have a good day. :)

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Thanks so much Jilly, looking forward to tackling today and getting through it! 😁

Corrina125 profile image

Good morning Tommy!

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to Corrina125

Good morning Corrina!

TheTabbyCat profile image

Well done tommy!! Any change of routine is a tremendous help. If you're really stuck,cut out the coffee for a while.................difficult,I know. I only drink tea at home,for a coffee I go to a bar (Italy).XXX

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

It’s something I’ll try and look into for sure! Thank you Tubbs x

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Quittingvaping12734 MONTH WINNER

Good work Tommy. This was me yesterday and I got through it. Lots of walking around and mixing up my habits, e.g after food I would go outside and smoke, now I walk around the block or read an article on my phone, good luck!

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to Quittingvaping1273

Thank you. Yeah it’s making me very hot and antsy not being able to smoke at the moment and I’m hoping the changes in routine will help alleviate this sooner rather than later 😂

Briarwood profile image

Well done tommy, keep changing up your routine and keep going👍🏼

The deep breathing exercises got me out of lots of difficult situations, they really do work. Keep busy and distract yourself. Slowly and surely you will get there🚭✅xx

tommyp1 profile image
tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Am still going strong - it is tricky but yeah, switching up routines is helping and my first big milestone is coming up soon (24 hours)!

Thanks so much x

Reginaf8 profile image

Well done Tommy..morning time was my fave time to smoke..same as that I would mindfully drink my coffee..and read posts on this site.. to distract..I find playing upbeat chinos in the car on the way to work helped are doing this !😎

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