When I quit i printed these lists from the internet telling me the improvements in my body the longer I stay smoke free.

After 72 hours it seems all the nicotine is out of my body and the list also suggests that symptoms of chemical withdrawal has peaked in intensity - which is probably why i crave it so badly this morning. I can see the shop from my office window and it would be so easy to just pop down and buy a pack of 10, smoke 1 and throw the rest away, just to take the edge off, funny how your whole body is screaming at you that this is absolutely what you should be doing and how much better you will feel for it. This is how previous attempts became unstuck, buying that pack of 10 and smoking only one. Before you know it the pack of 20 is sitting in the drawer, and the vow to smoke only 2 or 3 a day is soon forgotten... I have never lasted longer than 8 hours before this attempt, so technically you could say this is my first real attempt to quit. 

My list also tells me breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase, I have not experienced the increase in energy levels yet, but I guess that is because I am not sleeping well, which is not mentioned on the lists at all. You almost have to admire how brutally effective nicotine is to drag you back. Our resolve is usually much weaker when we are tired and sleep deprived, and throw in some anxiety and all the other awful symptoms... and you feel we almost don't stand a chance. 

But the human spirit is a wonderful thing, we just have to unlock it and ride it. I came to the (obvious) conclusion that it would never be easy, there will never be an ideal moment, there will always be something that can be held as an excuse to start again, and the sooner you just push through the better, it will never be easy, but it will get better (well, so i am told :-))  

Anyways, 3 days in and still going, thanks in no small measure to this fantastic site, and the incredible people on it. Hope my message is not too downbeat


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  • Well done tictac and welcome. Your in the hardest week, and all your feelings are normal. But hey Fantastic and making the descision for a better healthier life and not running down to that ship to buy cigs. Yes your right us smokers would say just one then I will throw the rest away or it's not the right time. Is there ever a right time No , that's just what Mr Nic is telling us :( your right we just have to push through that and say that's it today is the day :) you can do it. It's not easy, and will not lie, it is a roller coater with your emotions and the physical symtons can be bad. But it does get better, and takes time. We are all different in our recovery and symtons of withdrawal . Have a read of some of the pinned posts to your right, very helpful. Stay close to this site and shout out if you need support, a chat or are feeling low. We all know how you feel or have been through it. A great bunch of supportive people on here . Stay strong and keep telling yourself No Not One Puff ever :) take one day at a time, don't look to far ahead, you will soon start to feel better, and as you say you are reaping the benifits already. If you need a chat we are here for you. Stay away from that ciggy shop or stop looking out that window :) You can do it :) 

  • Welcome and thanks for the interesting post!   All the Best!

  • I loved reading up on these and seeing and feeling the changes too! :)

    Stick with your quit! You can do this! 

  • Feeling VERY anxious about the long weekend... Any advice from the long time quitters?

  • Keep busy anyway you can and keep repeating NOPE not one puff ever🚭

    If I had a pound for every time I said it, I'd be a millionaire😂 really does work though as one leads us back to where we started and we don't want to go there again☹️

    You can do this, believe in yourself and your freedom👍🏼😊

  • Hi Tictac--Don't dwell on it--Saturday is my hardest day and  seems the longest--Sunday pretty easy--and some pride cause you made it thru Saturday--The best advice I can give you is don't smoke no matter what--you've made it thru a couple weeknds already so  find some strength in that  and the 3 weeks behind you--Monday you will feel sooo good--I spent many a weeknd on this site--hangin on--sometimes in tears-and Im still here off and on Saturday and Sunday to help if I can--so feel free to talk to me if you need company-Do what you have to do--don't be afraid to cry out here--We welcome the opportunity to help and console you--till it gets better--Ok??  Love,MmeT

  • Wonderful post Karel--and tellin it like it is--It isn't easy--It is the hardest thing -hands down-I have ever done--it is facing the unknown and it is full of surprises that you don't see coming--I am 4 mos in and still waiting for that burst of energy--I breathed so weird for so long smoking Im struggling to breathe right--First I couldn't sleep--and now I could sleep 15 hours out of 24--The craving is always there--but just a tiny voice now--still my body is adjusting and it isn't always fun--Then there is the emptiness--like when someone dies--and they are no longer in the world and you can feel it--I have that emptiness--of course what I am used to doing is filling my lungs with filthy smoking garbage and they cry like little lost babies--Im hungry--feed me--and I have to say no--and love and comfort them.....--Am I proud I made it this long? I don't really look at it to long--It is overwhelming.. This site--these wonderful  people have helped tremendously when that day came and something inside just said when you are done with this carton --that's the end--Little did I know that was true--It was like a spiritual awakening--so really I cant take that much credit--I had the same experience with drinking 25 years ago--I can still have an occasional glass of wine but my binge drinking stopped--I will never be able to have a couple drags or a few cigarettes--we don't even have paks of 10 here-ha--(tempting indeedy)-Have to buy 20--Anyway--It has been a rollercoaster--My body been thru a lot and a real psychological battle--but all and all small price to pay for a 53 year addiction--Sometimes I am just sad--Not just for me anymore but also for the many many severely addicted people who suffer as they smoke and will when they quit-the sick and dying--We got lucky kid!!!-I am convinced it will get better--One day the smoke screen will lift--and I will be reborn--clean and free--Today I wont smoke--and when tomorrow comes it will be today--and on it goes--So Karel I hope my message isn't to downbeat...we will whip this thing--Hugs,MmeT

  • Hey Karel thanks for your innermost thoughts. I've been stopped for 8 weeks now without temptation and yet today i encountered a situation where the natural next thing to do was smoke. I stopped and thought about it for a few minutes, of all that lovely tar and smell and, in my case probably, an olympic quality coughing fit (if they have coughing in the olympics). So of course I didn't and five minutes later the thought had gone. If the urge to smoke lasts for more than 10 minutes and you feel like caving in then that's where NRT helps. In your case though you're past the worst on nicotine withdrawal so perhaps no NRT woul be best.:-)

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