Me,DB and Treadmill

Me,DB and Treadmill

I just did an hour on treadmill listening to the great David Bowie--What an excellent CD to walk/dance too-I got so hyped up trying to do a little gig in that little belt space while it was moving, I caught my shoe on edge-I was listening to Lets Dance!! You'd move to that too right??-Coulda been a whoops there!!!-It was a little over an hour long--I could only go 1 mph(don't laugh)Gotta start somewhere...So I eneded up walking 1 mile--and burnt a little over 100 calories.. At first my chest felt tight and I was anticipationg being short of breath--but a lot of it was anxiety--I kept going and a bit later could breathe fine-This Cd is perfect for rhythmic breathing. It went well with my walking speed-This is the first serious exercise Ive done since I quit--other than my walk outside sunday so Im proud as can be--and Bless Mr. Bowie--He got me going....

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  • Oh I'm soooo pleased for ya MmT that you walked on ur treadmill and breathing was ok. I'm proud as can be too, well done hun👍 there ain't no stopping ya now😉 it's full steam ahead for you lovely lady💨💨💨💨💨💨😊

  • thank you thank you Briar--a huge step for me--I was letting my weird breathing terrorize me --its just I forgot how to beathe right many moons ago--Cigarettes were running EVERYTHING --even that

  • Great news MmeT, but take it easy - please 😀😀😀

  • oh you know Ngaire im an all or nuthin gal--lol--Listening to Bowie was so beautiful--I just got a new CD player--just a lovely sound--but I did get frisky and almost fell down--lordy lord--all I need is to break a hip-and lay here 2 days--Yes I will be careful. Ngaire=my voice of reason

  • Great start- listening to music makes always exercise easier for me too.

    Take Care



  • Wicked MT. Loving your connection with Bowie. Watched Brit Awards acknowledge his passing yesterday, a lot more tasteful than The Grammy's. Proud of you for walking through your anxiety...Brave Soul, 'Let's Dance' Defo!!! X

  • Great!

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