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Day 10 Hype!!


hey everybody, sorry i havn't been around in a couple days, my computer has been down and had to fix it, been doin pretty good, still NOPE, still strong, last night i had the withdrawals really bad, had to take some Nyquil to get to sleep, which as i've said before i hate doing, but whatever keeps me off the smokes right? anyway wanted to check in here and keep my head straight.

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Hiya Hiro - Look at you - into double digits now :) :)

What helped me in the early days was making a bit of a joke of it all..when i got a craving, i would just laugh and say " Nice try buddy"" you gotta do better than that if ya think you gonna get me smoking again ...sounds a bit lame.. but i found making it a bit of a game, just made it easier for me :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have going :) :) You got this !!!!! :) :)

dunn15 Month Winner

Good to hear from you Hiro... keep hanging in there 'cause you are doing terrific!

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Well done hiro..... And there's you thinking you'd have nothing to tell us 😀. See you jinxed it 😂😂😂 you are doing fantabulous hiro am delighted for ya 😀😀😀🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


Great to see ya Hiro, you've got a great quit going on, well done😊


Hi Hiro,

Whatever it takes to stay off cigarettes... You're doing amazing👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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