Trying to be good but!!!!!

So I decide to be good and get up and out to sell the cupboard contents I've cleared out at a carboot! Beautiful sunny hot morning... But aren't I the lucky one to be pitched next to two chain smokers!! Initially I tried to move up/down wind... No good... Then tried holding my breath (that didn't work for obvious chain smoking neighbours reasons !!!) I just dread the chemicals in their exhaled smoke getting into my brain!! Guess I'm being paranoid??? But it is really making me miss that STUPID inhalation... How mad is that??!! It's also giving me a headache.... Crumbs... Like this isnt difficult enough already! Can't wait to not be so erratic .. I'm telling myself old smoke from 10feet away isn't going to be too full of those nasty 4000 poisons??? Are they???

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  • Hi jagalan are being paranoid..:D :D ....not really, your still early in your quit and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. I would not worry abut the smoker from 10 ft away.

    You truly are doing a fantastic job with your quit :) :) ...Feel sorry for poor chain smokers and be thankful that you made the decision to quit and have stuck to it..

    stay strong and true to you :) :)

  • Hiya jaglan, that old smoke from 10 feet away used to be you, remember before you were a non smoker😱 when I quit I realised what people had to put up with from me smoking. Thing is we don't know how bad it is until we quit😩 now you do it will keep you on the straight and narrow pathway😉 yes you miss it, that's only natural but the headache is only tension coz you're all tensed up about quitting. Relax hun and smile coz you don't stink anymore and you don't need a cig coz it's not doing you any good and you know that😊 you're doing great and be proud coz we're all proud of you and every day you're a non smoker, you win another battle. If you've any spare time, feel free to come and clean out my cupboards and I promise not to smoke👍🏼😊x

  • If yr cupboards have a gas mask and anything of carboot value then you might see me rock up with me marigolds!!! But as you are 15 whole months ahead of me briar, I'm guessing your cupboards are so clean they are invisible!!! Mine will be at this rate! Thanks again guys for the wise words., one more day nearly ish done x

  • Aup Jaglan, when you've finished cleaning Briarwoods cupboards out, you can come and clean my garage out :o but dont bother bringing any marigolds with ya's cos av got loads of em in the garden see :P :D :D

    Jaglan, your doing ever sooooo well :) :) and I see it wont be long before am yomping over them fields to catch you a 4 weeks Winners badge :)

    As the girls have said, feel sorry for those smokers, cos you were one of them a few weeks ago eh :o

    Remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :)

  • Unfortunately they're dirty again by now, so you rock up with your marigolds anytime ya like, rock on hun👍🏼😉x

  • Okay jaglan, firstly congratulations on getting up on a Saturday morning to do a car boot..... I take my hat (and gas mask) off to you 😃 secondly....all the money you make from your car boot you can treat yourself to something really nice....those numb nuts up and down wind of you will probably spend theirs on cigs.... nuff said ..... 😃😃😃

    Except that your doing fantastically well and I look forward to mister monky doing his infamous bum wiggle dance for you when you get to one month quit, which is just around the corner😃😃😃😃

  • Oh Jaglan, when I think back to my last job I was the only smoker, and now I cringe about how I must have smelt to them :-( and I used to hang my coat alongside every one elses, obviously it smelt of smoke because I always had to get a ciggy in before I entered work !!! Poo,

    And now I understand even more as my hubby still smokes, and so now I have his stinky coats hanging up at home, :-(

    Stay strong, Here's to us sweet smelling ladies, :-)

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