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Missed you all

Just having a little catch up on here because I'm getting cravings and withdrawal symptoms......not from cigs but from coming on here lol. Been too busy with holiday cover at work to get on here but it's the weekend now yay!!! Hello all you new faces on here, even more lovely people to chat to, love to all the oldies tooooo, me becoming one of them now! Xx

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Aup Sharon, its lovely to see ya gal :)

It sounds like you've been as busy as I have this last week eh :o BUT, like you say, its the flippin weekend now Yippeeeeee Dippyyyyy Dooooooo :D :D

OY, who you calling flippin oldies :o huh, typical flippin young Woman, cos we're over 50 you class us as flippin old :o well, I'l have you know that life flippin begins at 50 seeeeee :P :P :D :D so they say :o

You put your feet up gal and enjoyyyyyyyy :)


Hiya Sharon, lovely to see ya and you're doing great :)

Hope you get a nice relaxing weekend after your busy week and can i pretend to be a new face coz I don't like the O word :D :D x


Not so much of the old young whippersnapper but I too missed chatting :) still NOPE I hope :)


Ooh Sharon, you're a dag! Not the sort that hangs of sheep's bums, the sort that "craves" hangin' with this motley mob. What ever you do keep getting your fix.


Hello Sharon, I'm new on here :) :P :D

Roneo.... A dag???? so that's what is hanging from my bum... :O :D


Missed all you nutters on here, droopy has just made me laugh at my phone again while in public! Total embarrassment when u look up and people are giving me that look of 'why are u laughing at your phone you complete weirdo??!!' Droopy did roneo ever give u back that shoe?? Xx


No that cheeky bleeder kept it...... he must a small foot.... :O :P :D


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