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Time for a Little Break

Hi Everybody

Just to let you know that I've decided to take a little break from the website. I promise you there is absolutely nothing wrong, it's only I'm spending so much time on here that it has kind of taken over my life a little bit and I'm just not getting things done around here! :)

I love you all and yes, I will definitely miss our chats, but I'm just going to unplug the laptop for a few days and get on with other things, plus it will be interesting to do that as a non smoker - something I've not done so far after over 7 weeks as a member. It seems I'm doing less other things than I did as a smoker, I just need to redress the balance a bit.

Anyway I shall be back at the weekend, so in the meantime, be good and stay positive and be nice to each other (tee hee) and I'll look forward to catching up with everything in a few days.

With lots of love and hugs

Chrissie xxxx :) :)

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Keep busy and happy, Chrissie

Look forward to seeing you again at the weekend! :)

Just watched this then read your post

Yes we need to get stuck in, non smoking and engaged. Having said that, it helps divert is when we need it too :)


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Have a lovely break Chrissie. :)


Awwww, am sorry to hear this Chrissie :(

I hope all goes well at work and in your new smokefree life :) :) Take care now and speak at the weekend eh :)

Love and huggs to you too gal :) xx


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