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SATURDAY / DAILY CHAT / 22/03/2014

SATURDAY / DAILY CHAT / 22/03/2014

Good morning / evening all,

Well its the weekend again another week under our belts. Those of you who are socialising this weekend get yourself prepared for those awkward moments when your brain is saying "go on have a smoke" get your nrt at the ready, or just make an excuse and avoid the situation, try to stay strong, You can do it. :)

Meanwhile enjoy your weekend. :) :)

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Morning Jilly and everyone, yes another weekend upon us, sunny and showery here.

Did a good 5 mile walk with hubby yesterday, so today it's a few exercises, along with chores of course, and watching the footy later !

Hope everyone coping without the smelly cigs. It sounds so easy to do, and it would be if we work on our brains and keep saying NO, I'm over that now with the ciggies, but having to do It again with the e-cig, because I want to be totaly free from Nasty Mr Nic.

Here's to a lovely weekend, smoke free of course, x :-)


Morning MrsS. 5 mile thats brilliant I can only manage 2 then I am shattered. Enjoy your weekend. :) :)


Hi all, I am in Nottingham this weekend and it's pretty pleasant here. Going shopping later,which is my fave thing ever :)

Hope everyone is well and having a good weekend xx


Good evening Jillygirl, Sunny, Al and all :) :)

Jillygirl, just a thought gal, if you get hubby to buy you a scooter, then you could do 2 miles on the left foot, then change over and do 2 miles on the right foot eh :o this way you could go for 4 miles :D :D

Sunny, 5 miles gal, that's some flippin going, my hat comes off to you :) I am sure you will cut mr nic out of your life completely :) but at your own pace eh :)

Al, am soooooo glad your still with us gal :) if you need any help, just you flippin scream out eh :) Enjoy your shopping in Notts and spend that well earned money on something really nice for yourself eh :) :)


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