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Is it a normal reaction to be scared of giving up smoking? Because I am!

Is it a normal reaction to be scared of giving up smoking? Because I am!

I have finally made up my mind to stop smoking. I had my first appointment today with the nurse and came home supplied with patches and lozenges. Have to use my first patch on before bed tonight. Although I am determined to stop I am also rather scared. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this feeling?

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Hi chocolatehorse, good on you for making this initial step to stop smoking.. This is an amazing community here where everyone is here for you.

You need to think what your reason to quit is, keep that at the front of your mind that's your goal. Yes it's scary quiting something that most of us enjoyed doing. This is your decision and only you can do it no one else.

I was told by my doctor I need to quit to be in the chance of having an op done. This meant I didn't really have much choice that was scary.

One bit of advise if you slip up don't beat yourself up about it it was only a slip up just jump back in the horse.

Keep us updated on how your getting on.


Of course it's normal to be scared.I smoked for nearly 40 years (!!!) & like Soph had to give up to get some surgery on my back done.The first few days are the toughest but make a plan.What will you do instead of smoking? What are going to be the times you miss it most (after a meal,first cig in the morning ) Plan what you'll do at those times & stick to that plan.I used to go & walk when the cravings got bad,can you do that or can you try & find something else to do instead.As another member always says (thank you Jilly) have some healthy snacks about the place to eat instead of smoking.TRY some deep breathing exercises and drink plenty of water,it all helps beat those cravings.

The folk that tend to succeed are those who have made their plan and stuck to it.PLEASE PLEASE don't be too worried Chocolatehorse,you have your NRT all sorted and come on here if it all gets a bit too scary,there's always someone around who can help.Good Luck & let us all know how you get on.Hugs H

P.s.The horse is just beautiful,is it yours ?


Hi Chocolatehorse and very well done. That was the first question I asked on this site. My quit date is 15th March 3 days away and I feel very scared but after reading other peoples experiences I don't think that it is as scary as we think. You have already had the guts to jump, my turn soon x


Aup Chocy, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site, and a big well done to you for making your mind up to quit :) :)

I see you've been supplied with patches and lozenges, these are both ACE :)

Patches - When I first started using the patches, they left red marks and flippin itched too :o but after a few days, this gets easier as your body gets used to them :) You don't say which patches you are using, but I use the 16 hour ones, which you take off at night before you go to bed, cos the 24 hour ones, used to keep me awake :o Mind you saying that, during the first week of my quit, I left the 16 hour patches on, this seemed to help me when I first got up in the mornings :) I would go to the bathroom for a wash, slap a new one on, and take the old one off, that was of course if the old one was still there :o cos I tell ya, they just vanish sometimes :D :D

I'm not sure what you have been told about the lozenges, but I use these too, I use the 2mg ones, when I get a hard time, I pop one in my mouth and give it some suck :) it soooooon gets rid of mr nic :) then you sort of park it up to one side of your mouth until the next time you get a craving, then give it some more suck :) easy or what ?

So please please don't be scared of quitting, cos there is nothing to be scared of :) Maybe your a bit scared of failing your quit attempt, BUT, we don't fail on here :) we call it a practice run :) and hopefully, we learn from it :) We just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get planning for our next attempt :)

Good luck on your journey, and don't forget, we are all here to help each other :) See ya soon, Pete :)


Hi It's so normal to feel scared, thinking the rest of our lives without our ' so called friend s '. But as time goes on the friend becomes the enemy, Please keep strong. We are all here to help if you need it. x. :-)


Hello and thank you so much for your support.

I too am using the 16 hr patches and like you will probably keep it on overnight for the first week or so. The 2mg lozenges are a real quick hit and have helped me so far. But I'm now home from work and this is where I am going to struggle!!


Hi Chocolatehorse, welcome to Quit Support - our happy place :-)

As almost all above have said, how you are feeling is normal - however you won't feel like this forever. Once you begin the stopping smoking journey - it will gain momentum and you will arrive at various places along the way before you know it :-)

As Helen (YellowSnowDrop) says, the most successful people are the ones that plan along the way. So, with that in mind - think about your reasons for wanting to stop, write them down, think about the times that you may find harder and what you can do to fill this time. So for example, you say that now you are home from work - did you smoke at home? How about starting with one room at a time and give it a freshen up? This doesn't mean give it a lick of paint - unless you want to of course, just wash your cushion covers, maybe even the curtains, make sure there are no stinky ashtrays about. If you didn't smoke in the home, how about finding something to do in the kitchen, like start sorting through that drawer filled with all useless rubbish - I do believe that most homes have one of these kitchen drawers :-/

I'm also keen to know whether or not this beautiful horse belongs to you too :-)

Stay positive, stay strong and remember that this whole stopping smoking journey has it's ups and downs... and it's all normal :-)

You can do this :-)


Naughtynan,15th March is my brothers birthday and also the Ides of March (as in the Shakespere play Julius Caesar 'beware the Ides of March) useful info for a pub quiz maybe or perhaps just me rattling on!!! Anyway the point is that my bro gave up smoking on his birthday 15 (yep) 15 years ago & he's still smoke free.He also has NO willpower whatsoever so if he can do it so can you.Good Luck.H x


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