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Plain Cigarette Packaging Dissertation Questionnaire


I'm currently studying Public Relations at Bournemouth University and doing my dissertation on the effects that plain cigarette packaging would have on 18-25 year olds.

It would be great if any smokers or non-smokers in that age range could spare a couple of minutes to fill out my questionnaire. All respondents are anonymous and the results will only be used for the purpose of this study.

Thanks very much in advance,



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Sorry too old. :)


Me too, :( but I am in Bournemouth. :)


too old but if it helps my opinion is pathetic. do they realy think that will stop people from starting smoking or giving up. its not the packaging that makes youngsters smoke its peer pressure. sorry just anoys me beyound belief. only my opinion.


Too old as well *looks sad*


too old however my 22 year old daughter smokes. dont think plain packaging will make any difference. Are they going to plain package rolling tobacco as well ?


Toooooooooooooo flippin old


Just thought I'd have an input here :) we in Australia have had plain packaging since 2011. Whilst initially there was a surge in calls to quitline I don't know that thorough statistical studies have been done yet.

The packets here are all olive green across all brands with graphic pictures on the front. For me personally it had no effect altho I'm sure I'm not the only one who has asked for a pack with just the dirty ashtray picture rather than the gangrene toes!!!!

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Hi Dom,

I would be very interested to see your questionnaire. Ireland is planning on bringing into effect plain packaging legislation. I would be interested in ascertaining the Irish 18 to 25 year old knowledge and views on the area of plain packaging.

Kind regards



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