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JMC, sooooo you've had a blip !!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life :) :)

Rite JMC, sooooooo, you've had a blip !! its not the end of the world pal, like the gals have said :) I myself have had a few blips tooooooo :o

Like Emjay says, you pick yourself up, sit yourself down and have a little talk to yourself !!

Why did this happen ?

What triggered it ?

What do you like about smoking ?

Why do you want to quit ?

Do you really want to quit ?

By the sounds of it, you just had toooooooo much drink pal :( then mr nic jumped in while you were at your weakest and did his dirty deed :o

I will tell you from experience, that mr nic is very versatile, he will strike at any time, anywhere, in any situation, if he thinks he can get you back on his side, he WILL strike and hard :(

Like kaprin says, fags and drink are Brothers, they go hand in hand :o

I Know your weak spot is drink !! the same as me :o When I go out for a drink, I set myself a time limit !!

or a drink limit, cos I know myself, if I have more than 4 pints a lager, I'm anybodies :P :D :D including mr nics !! But I'm a lot older than you, cos i could drink a lot more when I was younger, so just try to set a target yourself eh :)

Dont worry about what others think, YOUR No 1 :) :) YOU want your body and mind BACK :) so flippin FIGHT for it pal RITE :) :)

PS, I thank you for not using the F word on this lovely site :) and WHEN you are ready to start your quit again, I will be here for you with everybody else on this site :) :) any questions you have, then, fire away J :)

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Well said monky we are all here to help one another x


Thanks Pete. Gonna get an ecig for emergencies and for when I'm drinking (which hopefully won't be for a while) Sorry for using the F word i was drunk and so annoyed with myself. Ready to start all over again tomorrow :-)


yes agree with all thats said. get back on that horse, your not starting again, your just carrying on from where you left off! positive thoughts, possitive results! you all know i love m ecig so think great idea to get one for when you go out partying! You can still have fun and give up fags, its possible. on the other hand wish it was poss for me to give up fags and not put on weight! cant stop eating! weighefd mself today have put on 11 pounds!!!ouch!!! i need a bit of work in that area i think, damm these fags!!!!


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