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Daily Chat Saturday 11th January 2014

Daily Chat Saturday 11th January 2014

Good day to you all :) I dont know whether the gremlins were about last night or not, but I just couldnt get on here for some reason :o

A big warm welcome to all you newbies and I see a couple of old faces too :) :) Any questions you have just fire away and we will try to help you :)

Vee, its lovely to hear your still quit and fighting fit :) I've got everything crossed for you on the 13th and am positive you've shown mr cancer who's boss :) :)

Rite thats enough of me yapping on, you all have a lovely smokefree Saturday :) Speak soon.

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Hello Pete, love the cheerful piccy, It seems to be really quiet or extremely busy on here.I have just been welcoming Russ-heat on to the site I hope he can get some answers from the boss. :D

What you up to today. I am off to the shops for some new jeans. then off out for a meal later.

see you later on. xx


Hi Jillygirl :)

I'm just pottering around today, as I think that flippin man flu's come back again :P :( I just dont feel like doing anything :( have to kick myself up the backside to do anything, if you see what I mean :o But ha-ho, its the weekend, Yipppppppy Flippppin Doooooooo :) :)

OY you just buying for you then ?? HUH, typical flippin Woman :P what about poor hubby !! cos I'd bet he would love a new hat to keep his bonce warm eh :o :D :D

Enjoy your meal out and see ya later :)


Hi Pete, hope u feeling better


It's the doldrum months, January and February, the worst two months out of the whole year, I hate these two months and think we should hibernate like little fury creatures do. It's not man flu, it's nicotine withdrawal depression - I know it well.


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