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Just one can't hurt.... Or can it?

Just one can't hurt.... Or can it?

If you've managed not to smoke for a good few weeks or months, then you may think you are safe from falling into the same old trap again :-/

You may even start thinking that 'just one can't hurt', but unfortunately, smoking is incredibly addictive and you could be hooked again before you know it. On a physical level, research suggests that the brains of smokers are permanently altered, making them forever extra sensitive to the effects of smoked nicotine. On a psychological level, many quitters experiment with 1-2 cigarettes and then feel bad about themselves. This weakens their resistance to the addiction and they quickly return to their old smoking levels, even though they are no longer heavily nicotine dependent.

This process has been termed the abstinence violation effect and happens with other addictions too.

The above information was written by Nicky Willis Msc

So, after reading that - think twice before having just that one. It's normal for you to say this to yourself, remember those pesky cravings and nicotine receptors, they are just trying to keep your business :-)

Don't let them win, remember that you can do this :-)

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