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Heard of an electric meter and a gas meter. We even have a water meter. Then there's the stepometer which records how many steps you take - simple. So why can't someone invent a cigometer? By doing that, they would be doing a lot of us a great big favour as every time I/we thought I/we needed a ciggie I/we could press a button on it and at the end of the day I/we would know just how many times I/we had been ever so good and said no to Mr. Nic.

We could also use it to tot up just how much we had saved by saying 50p a ciggie x however many I/we haven't smoked and we could then put that money on one side separate to our savings for treats on a day to day basis or alternatively use the money to join Weightwatchers or Slimming World!!!!

Anyone already invented one or willing to have a go? Please contact anyone so that production can start pdq!!


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I'm sure this phone app has this as a feature on it;


Once you have inserted the amount that you smoked daily, then it calcilates the number for you.

I've just checken mine ant it is telling me that I have not smoked 138,872.14 cigarettes in the past how ever many years (19) :-) Gee whizz... thats a lot!

If I had continued to save, I would have £45,133.45 based on £6.50 a day


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