Northamptonshire Local Group Meeting. Saturday 30th March at 2.30

The Northamptonshire Local Group meet on Saturday 30th March, 2.30 at Grangefield Residential Care Home in Earls Barton. As always this will be a friendly and informal get together.

Dr Tim Rittman will be attending this meeting to give an overview of research. Tim is an active supporter of PSPA and has a special interest in PSP research. You can read more about Tim on his blog

This meeting is open to everyone and a warm welcome is always given.

Directions to Grangefield

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  • My husband has just been diagnosed with PSP. Searching the Health Unlocked site I have found this post but it is 3 years old. Is the group still in existence? If so can you tell me when you meet?  We live near Rothwell. 

  • Contact the PSPA. They will tell you where your nearest group is. They  also give wonderful support. Ask for all their literature to be sent out.  Great for taking to all the medical professionals, who have never heard of PSP!  Also they have a specialised team of people who you can talk to, for advise or just comfort.

    Most of all, stay on this site, we are all Carers, like myself, husband diagnosed 2013, or sufferers of this evil disease. I have got all my knowledge from the good folk on here.  We tell it how it is, warts an all, but I'm guessing that's what you need.  Everybody rants and raves, nobody judges, we are all too busy feeling exactly the same.  We share the good, the bad and the ugly.  Some will make you cry, some will make you laugh, most of all, you will know, you are not alone anymore, you have just inherited a huge caring family, with many shoulders to cry on!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thank you , Heady.  What a lovely supportive reply.  I have been following the general Health Unlocked site since my husband was told he probably had Parkinsons Plus, but without posting and have found it very informative. I will now be concentrating on the PSP branch and will be more active I expect.

    I have already had very nice welcoming reply from my local group coordinator and we will be going together to their next meeting.


  • The first meeting can be a bit scary, seeing people much further along their journey, than your husband. Take a few deep breaths and go with the flow.  It will be worth it, nobody quite understands what PSP means, except those that live with it!  You will need the support that others can give.

    Lots of love


  • we're going to the Leicester group towards the end of June.  I'll let you know how we get on.


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