PSP Symposium, London, Wednesday 28 September, 2011

PSP Symposium, London, Wednesday 28 September, 2011

The PSP Association's Annual Symposium will take place on Wednesday 28 September 2011 from 9am – 4.15pm, at 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN, and will be chaired by Dr David Oliver, Medical Director and Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine, Wisdom Hospice.

The conference will highlight the vital importance of different disciplines, with expert speakers on topics such as aids for everyday living, communication, behaviour, and the latest research.

For more information please call Deborah Wheeler on 01327 322415 or visit our website at for a programme and booking form.

Space is limited, so book early!

We look forward to seeing you there

11 Replies

  • hi debbieb

    Hope your keeping well i was just wondering i booked my place

    at the symposium and payed quite a while ago but i havent had

    any comformation of my booking i havent had a programme,and

    no paper work of any kind to say my place is booked,

    thank you


  • Hi Ray, I am keeping well thank you. I can confirm that you have a place booked for the Symposium. A confirmation email was sent to you on 5th May. If you would like to have a paper copy of the programme, do please let me know and I will arrange that for you. Best wishes, Debbie

  • hi debbie,

    thanks for your reply ive checked my emails and the only one i

    can find is from debra chand on the 3 of may saying that she

    has provisionally book my place and she would confirm wonce

    she recived the booking form and payment which i posted to

    you on the 4 may ,if you could send me a paper copy of the

    programme i would be very greatfull,

    kind regards


  • Will do Ray

  • Hi Debbie,

    I'll be posting my form off shortly. Although once I've registered, I'll have to leave as I'm teaching at 11 until 12 but I'll be back for the afternoon session if that's all ok.


  • That's fine Faiza...see you then.

  • I'll be there!


  • Fab Kathy

  • i should like to go -got a disabled railcard so may be the last itme i could do a trip ot london

    jill x

  • Jill that would be wonderful if you can come

  • hi debbie

    thinking hard it will not be possiblef4 me to make the london symposium

    the rail cost is v high and i could not cope with london staying overnight 1 or 2 nighits and gettng to and from euston even by taxi as i cannot carry anything ..

    jill x

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