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Blood Clots / DVT's

I was wondering If anyone is haveing problems with DVT's ( Deep Vein Thrombosis ) or Blood clot's . I am now haveing my third and biggest one yet in my calf and behind the knee.and it's very painful and Makes walking Very Very hard.I'm alredy haveing Major problems With imbalance and dizzieness, this makes it way harder to deal with. I had the other two in my arms and they were also painful but I didn't have to walk on them so the pain was easier to deal with. I always try to remain active despite the balance and dizzieness issues, I feel the more I do the less this PSP thing will be able to Take my life over. But come on three DVT's in less than three years, something has gotta be causeing this crap.I never had this problem before, I'm not Over weight, and My cholesterol is in check, I'm not dehydrayed and I'm not Diabetic. So what the heck is going on here?

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DVT's are only associated with PSP when one becomes immobile and the blood no longer flows normally through the veins (usually legs). Since you are apparently still active, your DVT's may be due to one of a multitude of causes (other medical conditions, some medications, smoking).

I assume you've had tests to ensure your blood clotting factors are normal after you were diagnosed with these DVT's.

Since DVT's can be life threatening (the clots can move and lodge in the lungs for example, producing a pulmonary embolus), you really need expert medical testing and advice.


I have had a blood clot study done and was, WNL. I wasn't on any meds when I got the DVT's . I don't know what is checked for during the Blood clot study, so I don't know what else could be causing this,.Like I said I'm not over weight and colesteral is in check and not diabetic either. I know how serious these DVT's can be, but no answers for the reason to be getting them. I can't find any info that PSP it'self can be the direct cause of this. Just that any condition that can cause someone to be less mobile can cause clotting.Even the Doctors are stumped over this.


Was the blood clot study (which was within normal limits) a "blood test" (a d-dimer test) or an ultrasound. Both should be done and if inconclusive they should do an x-ray called a venography with a contrast medium.

I hope you sort it out soon! As for the reason for the DVT's (if it's proved to be DVT) I cannot see why the doctors should be stumped, especially since you have them in the arms - which is rare (and more problemmatic). Falling can cause bruising in the chest or arm area and can cause clots - so do you fall a lot with your PSP?

All the best.


I had a Ultra - sound done all three times, Which showed the DVT's, and before the last clott, they did a blood clott study, a coagulan study,and blood tests to try and find out why. They told me that everything is within normal limmits....I haven't fallen lately but being winter now I don't go out much. No brusing, So I didn't even bump into something hard enough to cause a bruse. although I wouldn't notice it much anyway because of the loss of sensation from the neck down, which they also can't explain. I don't know about the clotts being more of a problem in the arms, I think the leg was way worse because of the balance issue on top of the pain in the leg while trying to walk was way more of a problem. even bering weight was an issue. I do have alot of falling or near falls, balance is always a challange.Now that I have started the Cummiden and Lovanox the pain has gotten better. but still sore to the touch where its at in my leg. The Doc's know that there is one every time it happens and everytime an Ultra-sound is done and it's confirmed of a DVT being present and treatment is started right away.But they are stumped as to the reason why they are even happening in the first palce, even after all the testing was done and the new one formed right after they told me that everything showed It was WNL......But ....they did tell me I had an unusualy high Calcium level so I have no idea what that means......


Hypercalcaemia (high calcium levels) has been associated with blood clotting (since calcium is required for normal blood clotting mechanism). It might be worth checking this out next time you go to the docs. High calcium can come from a few different problems one being with the parathyroid, so a blood parathormone (which regulates calcium) level should be checked.

Hope you sort it out soon - good luck!


Just thought it might be worth a mention. My lovely husband had PSP. He also had many DVTs. When he had a referral to the haemology department at our local hospital, they found that he had Factor V leiden which is a genetic disoorder. It might be worth looking into this as a possible cause.


I have CBD and at Christmas i developed blood clots in my lungs and was very poorly, i didnt associate it with CBD and the doctors didn't say it was connected, but because they didnt know how it happened they now keep me on warfarin, this i have to take for the rest of my life, which is a bind, but it keeps me safe.


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