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Low blood pressure

I went to visit my mum earlier today to find that she has been moved again to a different ward. She has also had a nasty fall resulting in stitches below and above her eye and substantial bruising. She was very drowsy and unsteady today and could hardly speak. I brought this to the attention of the nurse in charge of her care, who said she had been fine all morning. Reluctantly she agreed to do her obs and her blood pressure was 80/50. Alarm bells were now ringing, she called the on call Dr who thought that she had maybe had a stroke. A ct scan and bloods were taken. The stroke Dr advised that she had not had a stroke, but PSP sufferers can have good and bad days, it can also affect blood pressure etc. I cannot believe they are expecting to send her home with minimal care. This will not be happening, she couldn't even get out of bed, and watching her eat was painful. This indeed is a horrible condition.

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Seems to me that since she had the fall they should be really checking her over. I would ask that an xray be taken if one wasn't. That type of BP is not acceptable as you said. Something must be going on that is being overlooked. Good luck being the 'bad guy' and pushing them to find out the issue at hand.



I am really sorry to hear that your introduction to this horrible disease is proving so traumatic. Unfortunately finding professionals that understand this condition can be quite a challenge and trying to help your mother may seem like a bit of a battle for a while. If something doesn't seem right just keep speaking up!

Not sure if you have been in touch with the PSP Association yet, but would be worth doing so. They have loads of information to help you , including info for those caring for her, the nurses will probably never have helped someone with PSP and not understand the condition. They also have Specialist Care Advisors who can help you access all the support you will need. Well worth getting in touch, they are open again on Monday Helpline 0300 0110 122.

Good luck!


Sorry to hear about this but some time the medication cause low blood pressure but the doctor and nurses not inform the relative please check is their any change or any extra medicine they are giving , good luck


This is kind of off-topic, but, for what it's worth, my guy generally has fairly high blood pressure, but has had two severe low pressure events that had him unconscious or nearly so for some considerable time, very scary. Once he went to the hospital. His doctor says episodes like this are very common with parkinson's, so he isn't surprised at its appearance in psp.

The events were a few years apart, so not something we deal with regularly. His doctor also said dehydration makes it worse.




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