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choosing a nursing home

Hi Dorothy,

Choosing a nursing home - this is a difficult one. Depending on what homes are available in your area and what their reputation is like. I did my research in different ways. Look up in your telephone directory for addresses and then go on the web and see how they rate on the Quality Care Commission report. Every home is inspected yearly. See what facilities they offer - whether they are residential care homes or nursing homes. There is a big difference. Ask around your friends, neighbours anyone who has relatives who they had to put into home. Narrow down the most suitable places and then visit. Ask questions, sniff when you go in the door (you cannot get rid of the smell of stale urine) and the residents lounge. Use your eyes, be suspicious and see if you can detect if they have something to hide.. A good home will be open and answer all your questions. Ask for the ratio of staff to patients anytime of day or night . If you think you have found the right place take the person concerned and let them see the place. Perhaps book them in for 2 weeks to see whether they liked it. I did all these things and struck lucky . Despite the bad press about care homes etc the home I found was lovely. My sister was cared for so well, nothing was too much trouble and she was loved by the staff until she passed away.

Do your research and the best of luck.


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