New Year, new challenge!

In a fit of New Year madness I have registered for an overnight London to Brighton (100k) bike ride to raise funds for the PSPA. If you would like to sponsor me please visit my Justgiving page via the link below

If you would like to register for the ride yourself (the more, the merrier) please visit the link below

Now..........where did I put my bike?!?!? ;-)

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  • I too am doing the ride with Kathy but won't give the link to my fund-raising page here - I don't want to force you to chose who you decide to sponsor! ;-) Do please join us if you are able to.

  • It really doesn't matter which of us (if any) you are able to support - the money ALL goes to PSPA anyway!! :-)


  • hi Kathy

    great tha t you r doing the ride

    i shall donate ihn the morngin when i hav emhy details to hand

    good luck

    ll jIll


  • Done!,

    Lol Jill


  • Thank you SO much Jill! You are an inspiration! ;-) When the training gets tough I will think of you and Mum and just keep going! I hope 2013 proves to be a good year for you :-)


    Kathy x

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