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New study--link between PSP and industrial metals exposure

Hi All,

Has anyone seen this study or tried chelation therapy? I have the full study in pdf form, but below is a link to the excerpt, and a text grab of the main point. Looking for input, comment or ???

"Another cluster of PSP patients was recently reported in Northern France, with "severe environmental contamination by industrial metals". (Caparros-Lefebvre et al, 2015).

Excerpt: basically links between the guam group and the french group re: exposure to metals...

PSP Caparros-Lefebvre et al, 2015


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Hi, we had a small cluster of PSP patients in a village near us. Everyone got really excited, turned out the local doctors receptionist has PSP, so all the doctors knew about the disease and were therefore more equipped to recognise it!!!

Lots of love



THAT is an interesting story, Heady! I have wondered a lot about the statistics we hear, given the difficulty in diagnosis and the expanding incidence and variety of illnesses that produce similar symptoms.

I would like to read the article. I have trouble understanding how chelating therapy could help after the damage has begun.

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I would like to know more about this, Susan. Is there any way to share your pdf?


my email is susan.meitner@gmail.com if you want to email me, or I think you can purchase a subscription to the journal to get access if you prefer, from the link above. I thought it was a very interesting and raised some possibilities. I know for my mom the damage is likely done, maybe someone who is just diagnosed, chelation might slow the progress or maybe even something more, if some psp it is related to metals exposure ??? Not a Dr, just a daughter of a psp sufferer.


Interesting point.

I tried to open the file but I do not have a subscription. Can you send the PDF file to me? (cjvercaemer@gmail.com).

This article made me think immediately to the possible effects of dental fillings using lead! My wife has had many many of them. Do they discuss this source of heavy metal in the paper?


That is where I am at right now with my aunt and neighbor they both have been diagnosed at first with Parkins I have an appt. on the 12 for hair analisis and then she will do clenation if I can come up with the funds I believe it might be heavy metals they live 2 houses apart with nothing in common in a rural area and both have the same symtoms Not possible with a lot of research I found out this was a Superfund site but down graded to high risk, from all the mercury from the comstock mines.. If I can come up with the funds I am surly going to do this.

Hugs Kryste


Hi Susan,

This Chelation therapy seems worth pursuing.

Could you please send the PDF file to me as well on anjelihazari@vsnl.net

Thanx a lot.


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