'We all fight together' Song Released in aid of PSP

Dear all. I have written a song in memory of my dad 'Pops' who passed away in June and in support of everyone living with and supporting people with PSP. The song has been released onto ITunes for 79p with all money raised going to the PSP Association. The link below is to the PSP Association website which contains information about the song and a link to ITunes. Its an upbeat rocky tune which in reality is a call to arms. Please download the track if you can and tell your friends and family about it and hopefully we can raise some money for the association. I have added the words of the song at the end of the blog, so you can all sing or hum along :)


In addition I have also started a website for all the events I am running in the next few months in Rochdale and Oldham. Please have a visit to popsforpsp.co.uk and if you can attend any of the events it would be lovely to see you there.

My thoughts as always are with you all

Lesley x

We all fight together (Lyrics)

You can’t lose your hope and you can never lose your faith

You fight all you can, No matter what it takes

It eats into your soul, taking all the sunlight away

Don’t let your body and mind become its prey

We have to join together and persevere

It won’t be easy to defy our fears

We’re dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life

Not living in the shadows, but in the light.

We all know what we have to do to make things right

Winning is never giving up the fight

Let’s give the people some inspiration

We want to hear this cry across the nation

We all stand together

We all fight together

Life is what we make it, it’s a game we have to play

When we join together, we can take the pain away

We have to learn the facts, we really need to know

How not just to win the battle but win the war

We have to fight for our salvation

We want to hear this cry across the nation

We all stand together

We all fight together

15 Replies

  • hi lesley

    fantastic !!

    brilliant info on your Pops and PSP

    i should like 2 live nearer to Oldham!!

    more later

    love Jill

    ps i have psp diagnosed in dec 2010 afrter major problems with balance and co -ordination

  • Hi Jill

    Glad you like the pops website. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I know dad had a terrible time with his falls and it must have been a shock for you. I have seen you on the blogs so I know you are keeping in touch with everyone on here and getting the support from everyone. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to put the song out because people are fighting this condition every day and supporting each other through it and I just wanted to try to help out if I could.

    Keep an eye on the popforpsp site as there will be little things keep going on it with upates etc.

    Take care of yourself. Lots of hugs from me


  • Hi Lesley,

    What a brilliant website :-) I've shared the link on Facebook so hope we get lots of people downloading the song!

    love Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy. The brilliance of the website is down to the hard work of my lovely daughter Stacey. I just supervised :) Thanks ever so much for putting it on your facebook page as well, as the more we get the song out there hopefully the more money we can make for the association. Take care


  • Lesley,

    what a fabulous use of your skills and creativity! Well done :) Your website it great, and I've just bought the song. I'll put on FB too- every wee bit.


    Fiona x

  • That's fantastic Fiona. Thanks a lot. Maybe we could get your creativity out there as well, you do fantastic funny and heart rendering blogs, maybe we could pull them into a book of stories ' The Fiona Diaries' :)

    Thanks for buying the song, I really do appreciate it.

    Look after yourself

    Lesley x

  • Great song!

    Good luck with all your fund-raising endeavours.

    They all sound fab!!

  • Hi Ver. Thanks for your support it really is appreciated. I'm really glad you and others like the song.

    We will keep everyone updated as the money starts to 'roll in'. I will be putting a Just Giving page up for it so all the money that comes in from ITunes and individual sales of the CD will be sat against the page so that everyone can see how much it is raising. Unfortunately ITunes only pays out every 6 weeks but as soon as I get the money it will be in there. Keep an eye open.

    Take care

    Lesley x

  • Hello Lesley

    Have just checked your popsforpsp website. Fabulous! So sorry about the loss of your dad but his memory will live on through other sufferers of this cruel disease. Thank you for your caring support for us carers too. My husband suffers with PSP, diagnosed about 1 year ago but symptoms were present for 3/4 years prior to this. You truly understand the illness and also the difficulties it brings with it for both the sufferer and the carer.

    Wishing you great success with all your fundraising efforts and thank you again to you and your family for continuing to think of others. Your efforts will hopefully make lots more people aware of this dreadful illness.

    Take care............SuzieQ xx

  • Thanks Suzie. I'm really pleased you liked the website. We will be updating it as the events take place so hopefully I can let everyone know how things are going. The disease is so cruel and harsh for everyone and I just want to try to do a little bit for everyone who is still out there dealing with it on a daily basis. Please take care of yourself and hubby and I send you both big hugs.


    Lesley x

  • Have downloaded the song - great lyrics.

  • A big thank you to you for buying the song. I saw your review comments and they were much appreciated, particularly as the words mean a lot to me. At least I was able to get out some of my feelings and try to make good use of them by supporting PSPA

    My best to you and your family.

    Lesley x

  • I am downloading the song as we speak!! I will put it on my awareness page on facebook, too!

    Well done !! x

  • Aw thank you so much Hannah, I am so grateful to you for downloading the song and making other people aware of it. We've got the zumbathon party coming up soon as well and I am hoping to update the popsforpspwebsite.co.uk and be able to put another blog on here at that time to let everyone know how we are doing. Take care of yourself Hannah.

    Lesley x

  • Oh brilliant, I am just checking out the popsforpsp website now!


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