Charity Bike Ride

My sister, my oldest friend and I want to do a moonlit charity bike ride to raise money for the PSP association but, at present, the PSPA isn't one of their listed charities :-( Please can someone from the PSPA rectify this situation so that we can register to take part!?! Anyone else interested would be welcome to join us!

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  • Hi Kathy

    I have completed the registration, we should be included in the listings soon.

    If you could contact me on 01327 356132 we can discuss the event in further detail.

    Kind regards


  • Thanks Dean! :-) will give you a call in the next day or so!



  • any organization or families involved in los angeles, ca area??? i would like to know asap... thank u!!!

  • I would like to join!!!! where are you located? i am in London!



  • Hi Ania,

    We are in London too. On checking the website we can't enter as a team but have to register as individuals :-( but it would be great to see you there!! Check out the website and register!! There are 3 rides to choose from and we are thinking of doing the London to Cambridge one in May. PSPA is now on the list of charities :-)


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