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High days, low days and holidays

We are all used to the games of swings and roundabouts that PSP plays with us and our loved ones and it is never more starkly brought in to focus than on the days when you realise that your loved one has taken another downward step. Mum has had a couple of not so bad days this last week and has even been able to help with the crossword a couple of times. Tonight she was struggling to stand and Dad and I had to call Sis (just back from holiday) to help us get Mum into bed. As Sis said we may now be getting to the stage where we need a hoist. I personally was hoping that we weren't quite there yet but...

On the plus side Sis, Mum and Dad are going away for 4 nights this week. They're heading to a cottage in Suffolk for a short break and a change of scene. Fortuitously it coincides with the builder coming in to start work on converting the downstairs loo in to a wet room so that has worked out well. Unfortunately, due to work commitments I will only be able to join them for a day but I am hoping that the change of scenery will do them both the power of good.

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I am sorry to hear about your mum. You sound like a very close family that really work together to overcome the challenges that the condition brings.

I am sure your mum and dad will enjoy their few days away.

Enjoy your one day away with them too

Lesley x


Hi Lesley,

Thanks for the good wishes. Mum was a little reluctant to go but I am sure she will enjoy the change once she is there are settled in.



How wonderful that your sis, mom and dad are getting to go away for a break...I am sure they will have a fab time and it will do them all the world of good. Even though you can't be there for the full time, I am sure spending the one day with them will be such fun. Have a lovely time.


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