Holiday and CHC

We have just come back from four days at Blackpool, chosen because it has the Bond Hotel there. It caters for disabled people. This is a place with plenty of equipment and very supportive staff. I booked a carer to get B up, showered and dressed each day. It also has entertainment at night.

My husband has just had a peg op. But he still eats and drinks, so much of our time was taken with feeding one way or another.

We did manage to get out, although the weather was not kind to us. The trams are really great for wheelchairs. There is a spot on the platform where you wait and the tram stops with the disabled friendly door and a conductor right in front of you. We did most sightseeing by tram and found the staff superb. With nice, big windows to look out of and sheltered from the wind, we enjoyed our outings. Apparently, the buses are all wheelchair friendly too.

The letter was waiting for us when we got back home. B has not got full CHC but part funding. I gather the NHS and the SS will fight it out between them. I am so exhausted with everything. He can do very little for himself. I know we won't get financial help from the SS as we have over 70 years working life between us so we have pensions. Also, my husband's pension is a "Drawdown" one, so they will regard the lump sum as savings, although, without it, he would have no pension.

I am past caring.

Any advice on the next steps would be welcome. Should I appeal ?I have six weeks, so maybe I will wait to see the outcome. We already pay over Β£400 per month for morning calls and I am going to have to increase these to evening soon as well. I am not complaining, having worked most of our lives, we are better placed than many people, I just wish we knew what we would have, so that I can manage the situation.

At present, I am bone tired. I know that many of you out there know just what I mean! X

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  • Hi Robbo

    Glad you folk had a good holiday.

    This joint funding is fairly common. Everything I have read points to it being unlawful.

    Can I have a couple of days to research this and I will come back to you something accurate.

    I am bone tired tonight... I know oh, so well what you mean.

    Warmly to you both


  • Thank you Kevin, much appreciated. X

  • Hi Robbo

    No problem.

    I am wondering whether they are giving you NHS Funded Nursing Care and Social Services Care (means tested)?

    This is not the same as CHC split with Social Care.

    Scroll down and near the bottom you will find a link describing NHS Funded Nursing Care

    Get thew CCG to clarify whether or not this is the case and then I would definitely get advice from Beacon on this one. The first hour is free and they are not expensive in the grand scheme of things.

    Best to you


  • Kevin, the letter says that B is eligible for a jointly - funded package of care. This means that we will have to pay for the social care.x

  • Hi Robbo

    It sounds like the NHS is giving you NHS Funded Nursing Care which is often awarded to people who they deem not to have qualified for CHC. The Social Care is means tested and that is, as you say, provided through Social Services.

    They should have sent you a copy of their DST . They are required to.

    You can appeal the decision. The Beacon Material advises on how to appeal and on what grounds you can appeal.

    Appeals are not difficult and of course you can get Beacon to help you.

    Of course you might just decide not to bother. However if his condition worsens you can apply for re-assessment for CHC.

    I hope this is helpful.




  • Thank you Kevin. Hope you manage to get some rest. x

  • Yes you absolutely should appeal .Hope you went through all the Beacon literature .If you are too tired to take the CCG on yourself Beacon will do it for you .It costs but would be worth it in the long run .

  • Thank you Georgepa, I did read the literature, but it was some time ago. I may look into it further..

  • I know exactly what you mean, no getting away from it, feeling trapped. Blackpool sounds so good, glad you got there. Hope you get some more help.x

  • Glad you had a good time in Blackpool but sorry that you were so quickly back into the stress. I think so many people are worn out by the time they reach this stage.

    Love, Jean x

  • Thank you, Jean, It's not just the usual things, it's all the phone calls and visits. Today - Several phone calls by me to sort medical and care items, and nine visitors, only one from a friend, the rest to do with Bs illness.

    Shouldn't complain tho' at least they haven't forgotten about us! X

  • I know what you mean. It all emphasises how our world is taken over !!


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