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Hi everyone hope you are all ok, I am back from my lovely week away, much rested and had a lovely rest, and laughed a lot with my sister in law, we took no phones no iPads just our kindles, read loads of books, laid in the sun, it was lovely, lovely hotel. I am ready for the next step of our journey with this horrible illness, George said my brother really looked after him well, my brother has so much patients, but he did say I only have to do it for a week. Well also had some good news when our daughter picked us with with my lovely grandsons.

We have been accepted for CHC. Our community nurse and social worker, has been so good, it took a long time to get, nurse said she thought that extracts from my diary helped a lot, it took ages to do, but worth it, things are going to put in place in a couple of weeks, so we have been blessed, also our doctor at the hospital sent another letter, we are so lucky to have these wonderful people around us, helping us through this horrible illness, really feel lucky and loved by all that have passed through our lives in this horrible illness, and for the new people in our lives.

This is a horrible illness and I hate it, but am grateful for the people we have met along this horrible journey, and people that have taken the time to look into what PSP is, and how it effects us, PEOPLE, we are human beings, trying to do our best as careers for people we love, we don't want anything for nothing, we just want to protect the people we love.

Misses you all happy in a way to be back and I feel ready to look after George after my break, which we all need. Yvonne xxxxxxx

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  • So glad it all worked out so well. I have been considering doing this after the Christmas break.

    Reading your post has made me realise I need to keep good records and diary in readiness for when C deteriorates. I also see that because we both present ourselves positively when we see the consultant or doctors the record of letters doesn't really represent reality.

    Need to think this through, don't I ? Have you read about Georgepa being turned down ? Its bad enough coping with it.

    Welcome back to us !!

    love, Jean x

  • Yes not only records of his events now....but do take notes of things that intrests him. You know liek stories of what he did in the military; college farm;.....A group of kids for a projuect went and recorded stories of the old folks.....When relatives read these stories, they did not even know about them. Record PSP

    Record the history of your mate...feelings; beliefs; fun; dangerous; emotional stuff that noone may have ever known that helps make them them...just a thought


  • Welcome back! I'm sorry where did you go! Sounds like it was close to sunny-fied water!!!!and yah no other form of communication but that of relatives and old authors hahahaha


  • Hi Yvonne, Welcome back. Good idea not taking phones or iPads, nothing then to distract you From having a great time. Glad all went for George too. nanny x

  • Wow, you sound good! The rest has obviously done you a power of good. I am really pleased for you.

    The trick is, trying to keep that feeling. Hopefully, now with CHC, you will get more help in, therefore not get so tired again!

    Where did you go! Sound as if we could all do with some of its magic!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady we went to Lanzarote it was a lovely hotel, lovely weather, wish I could send you all over there for a rest.

    Yes let's hope with the CHC things will improve.


  • Don't hold your breath, I was awarded it some six weeks ago. My extra help starts on Tuesday!!!

    I love Lanzarote! Spent many a happy hour there. It was the first place S took me on holiday. So have lots of lovely memories!!! In fact it was one holiday, we had taken three of our children and a friend, three girls aged 14 and S's son 18! "Great fun!!!!" , that I decided he was the man for me!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady it was my first time, would love to go back again. Lovely Heady, remembering the past xxxxxx

  • Welcome back, Yvonne! So glad you are rested and had great time.

  • Nice to hear some good news. Thank you for sharing. X

  • So pleased you had a well earned rest in the sun, bet you feel a lot more able to deal with your usual daily life. xx

  • Yvonne, Glad you had a wonderful holiday with George and a much needed rest. Happy for you. Wish we could get away but......

    Audrey xoxoxo

  • Thank you all, I have had a bad few nights, I feel like I could be sick, where I am so tired, holiday feels like it was ages ago. Love Yvonnexxxxx

  • Yvonne, Know the feeling, so tired, I can't keep my head up. Try and rest when George does, which is where I am going now.



  • Yes I am in bed, sleeping in the other room, with all doors open, we live in a bungalow, so all on one level. Sweet dreams xxxxx

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