Just come home from the Zumbathon party for PSPA

Dear all

Just a quick write up as I have just returned home from the Zumabthon Party event I held in Rochdale. I have to say it was a fantastic night with a great atmosphere and Stefan who was the Zumba Instructor for the event was absolutely amazing. Even more amazing was that everyone who attended kept going for the 2 hours!!. So thankyou to Stefan for his hard work, to my cousin Gillian (pops niece) who put together the food for the event and a big thanks to everyone who attended.

The 'PSP symptom themes' for this event was mobility (covered by the Zumba) and swallowing (covered by the food) and the event helped us raise the awareness of not only these symptoms but the condition as a whole. It was great to see that many booklets were take away by attendees and people read the posters I put up around the room and were asking questions.

I will be posting pictures and a bit of a video from the event on the popsforpsp.co.uk website at the weekend so keep your eyes peeled. Although we don't know the total amount made yet as we are awaiting to hear what people have raised with sponsorship but we are marching towards, or should I say Zumbaing towards our total of £1000

On that note a very tired and aching lesley is now making her way to bed, knowing that pops would have thought the whole evening in his words was 'fantabulous' :)

Night everyone, as always you are all in my thoughts

Take care


Lesley x

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  • That sounds brilliant Lesley...well done! What an original idea. Trying to think of something to do in my area. x

  • Thanks Jan. I know I am not close but if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

    Lesley x

  • You must have al had a wonderful tiring time, whilst doing so much good work bringing awareness to others about PSP, look forward to seeing your photos.


  • Hi Kay

    Yes it was a really good night. Up for work now, aching and tired but knowing we did a bit of good last night. Going to see if we can get some of the pictures in the newspaper to raise some more awareness.

    Take care


  • hi lesley

    greazt welll dlone


    jove jill

  • Thanks Jill, it was a lovely night and we have had lots of good feedback on it today.

    I hope you are keeping ok.

    Take care

    Lesley x

  • Well done! The whole thing sounds absolutely great, although I have to confess I am not entirely sure what the Zumba dance is like. (Years ago I would have been up there doing it with you!). I wish I had your energy!! Well done again and can't wait to see the video and pictures.

    Congratulations to all concerned for raising awareness of this horrid illness and the money you have raised will certainly help towards finding possible treatment and ultimately a cure for PSP.

    Thank you from a "Carer". There are unfortunately, a lot of us out here and help from people like you is much appreciated. Sadly, I don't have your energy any more. As you are well aware, caring for someone with PSP is more than a full-time occupation.

    Take care and God Bless. Keep up the good work.

    Love SuzieQ xxxx

  • Hi Suzie

    Thank you for your kind words. I only took up Zumba a few weeks ago and I just about manage to get some of the moves, well I fling myself around really. Hopefully the video will show you what its like and it certainly was a fun night.

    I know how hard it is for you all who are caring for someone and you certainly don't have any time when you are looking after someone with PSP. Its a tiring job, physically and emotionally and you are constantly worrying about them. I think as I don't have pops to look after anymore, I kind of still need to do something for him and this is a way of doing something for him by doing it for others.

    The next 3 events thankfully do not have any kind of physical exercise to them for which I am grateful :)

    Pics and Video should be available on the website tomorrow.

    Take Care of yourself Suzie and I send my love to your hubby


    Lesley x

  • Wow that sounds like a fantabulous evening, indeed!

    Can't wait to see the videos...will keep my eyes peeled :-) xx

  • :) We have putall the footage together and created a 5 minute video of the night so that and pictures are ready to be uploaded. However my poor daughter has been really sick since yesterday and as she is the technical person on this, we havent been able to upload them yet :( Hopefully she will feel a bit better tomorrow)

    Thanks for your lovely response. Hope you are ok. If you and George were a bit closer you could have come and Zumba'd with us, although I'm not sure if lads are into Zumba although we did get a few fella's there on the night

    Take care Hannah

    Lesley x

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