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holidays can b e ok but... home is better

hi all

i had 3 days of my 10- day holiday towards end of august then had to come bakc home as i had a bladder infection ----clleared up now with antibiotics but i had so looked fwd to the break away

i am now in the process of puttign my 1st floor flat on the marke 2 move somehwer e on the gruund floor

not an easy decsion at this time in the housing market but sooner rather than falling down too many stairs!!

i lvoe my flat but there is no lift or poss of a stair llft as it si a listed buildiingl

luv jill

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Hi Jill

I can understand how you are feeling. I had to move house when my husband contracted PSP and it was upsetting and a wrench for us both. However it turned out to be the right decision. A flat with no stairs to negotiate and a lift which could take his wheelchair had it been necessary. We had shops nearby which made it so practical.

We were so glad in the end that we had moved.

I sincerely hope it works out for you..

Best wishes



Hi Jill,

Pleased to hear you are recovered from the infection. What is the property market like where you are? Here they are building lots of 'apartments' (no one builds flats any more, have you noticed?) so the possibility of finding a ground floor apartment is pretty reasonable. Selling is difficult though. Hope it isn't too prolonged a process and you find the ideal place soon.



nw engladnn is awful in terms of fthe housing market - my apartment has lost 20% of itis ivalue since i purchased 4 years ago

in the real world selling my home is really stressful but it will b 4 the better eventually - i know that

and may be benneficial in more ways than 1

so...finger s crossed

and love to u al



Hi Jill

Sorry to hear your holiday was cut short. Such a pity that you were poorly. I do hope all is well again now.

With regard to your moving - I know it must be hard to even contemplate, especially when you love where you are, but for safety sake you must do it. You cannot run the risk of falling down stairs. My mum lived in her house for almost 50 years and after dad died, it took her ages to make the decision to move somewhere smaller and more practical. However, she did move and absolutely loved it and wondered why she had taken 4 years after losing dad to make the decision. She didn't have PSP, although she had other serious health issues, but she knew that it was for the best.

I hope you manage to get a quick sale and you find somewhere more practical very soon.

Take good care of yourself.



manu thnanks Suzie

i knwo ii have made the right decision rather than waiting until i need nursing- home care

and shall try not to get toooooo stsressed with the whole house selling process

love jill


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