A day to cherish xx

Well the summer holidays are here and my Two young children are off School , because i have had more bad than good days with Mum my children were finding visiting their Nan very upseting my son Ben (8 yrs old) had very bad nightmares and asked lots of questions of what will happen to Nan so I arranged visiting Mum while the kids were in School to protect them and because I was struggling to cope watching them being upset.

They both asked if they could come with me today with never knowing how Mum will be I was dreading the visit. Mum was asleep when we arrived Macy and Ben quietly woke her up Mums face beamed when she saw them they had lovely cuddle's with their Nan and i ended up crying with guilt for not taking them for so long.

Took some lovely photos of the three of them so the children can remember the good days and cherish their Nan forever xx

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  • Your post has made such a lovely start to my day, it is so good to hear news like that. I am finding the "mantra" for PSP is always expect the unexpected. I am glad you will have some lovely photos of your children with their nan. x

  • Thank -you , Its true always expect the unexpected xx

  • So glad you took some photos of your children with their Nan. My Grandson is almost 8 & whenever he comes, which is quite often as they live round the corner, he always gives his Grandad a kiss & cuddle. I think as he gets older the kisses may become less frequent but that's boys for you !!!!! I haven't taken photos of the two of them for a while but this is a gentle reminder so thanks for that.

    Take care & keep smiling Love Hazel B xx

  • You must take some photo's of the Two of them together , I will post my photo on here later for u to see its so hard to get a nice photo of mum as she always has her head down but for a change I got some lovely ones xx

  • What a lovely post!

    Its hard to see someone that you love suffer with this awful disease, my dad has PSP and i used to find it hard seeing him like that but now i try to cherish as much time with him as i can.

    Its good that you have taken photos of them all together so that you can cherish them


  • Thank you nice to be able to post something positive for a change and your right it is an awful disease and us like our parents have good days and bad ones coping with it. You take care xx

  • I like the idea of photos. For my husband's 68th in November I'm going to dig out some of his old army and climbing photos that never see the light of day and put them in an album. I know he'll get pleasure from looking at them and going down memory lane. Small things really but lots to treasure.

  • We have done a photo wall for mum in her room she loves it , she is surrounded by memories I am currently making a photo book to attach to her wheelchair. Get all your phots out and enjoy them together xx

  • What a wonderful warm blog. Those are the days to hold onto and the photo's will be a lovely reminder. I send my love to you and your mum.

    Take care

    Lesley x

  • Thank you xx

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