Hi extended family !

Went out for girls luncheon yesterday with girls that I used to work with ( we known as the old teasers ) there's always maltesers on table amongst the good and unhealthy stuff , mostly unhealthy !!

Topic for day "bad hair days "

We've all had them ladies as well as some of you blokes out there !

When I lived in England as a child/teenager my mum used to have a "clubman"" call at the house each week , and mum used to put 10shillings into this hairdressers club and when there was a certain amount could have your hair done at the co-op in Nottingham . Quite a la de da place at the time , plus with being co-op mum used to earn points on her dividend .

So mum and often had shampoo and set there .

I turned thirteen mum took me to co-op have a perm , now don't know whether you ladies heard of the electric perms . There was a electric pole about 4ft long and had these like butterfly clamps all the way up the pole . So my hair was set in rollers then the clamps were placed on top of the rollers , they were very heavy , hairdresser did one side of my hair first , the weight of the clamps my head hung to one side till the other side was done to even the weight out . Looked like an alien . After about seemed like hours everything removed from hair , and hairdresser coned my hair out into a beautiful pageboy style , everyone I met said how beautiful my hair was even strangers in the street stopped and asked where I'd had my hair done ?Mum bought me a hair net to keep it in place . So for a whole week I didn't wash it , then when I did WOW my hair frizzed up look like a huge frizzy mop , nothing I could do would tame it . I'd go to school and be teased relentlessly called funniest names , so I wouldn't go to school . Eventually I had to go because mum and dad found out I was plying truant . So bit by bit I cut it off about half inch a week till mum to me back to the co-op where they cut it really short . Then I looked like one of my brothers !!!

Have a look on net see if you pick up electric perms on there ,

Have you ever had one ladies ?


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  • Cute story but what is it's relevance on this forum?

  • A bit of welcome light relief.....needed by worn out, hardworking carers and people living with PSP who want to talk about other things as well.


  • Thank you NannaB.....we carers have other things in our lives.....Thank you!





  • Baruli not sure about you but i think we need to have good things and a story that makes Brian and i laugh is a good thing. Psp is not all about woe there should be laughter as well as tears.

    I for one think if sharing the good things that makes people smile and forget there troubles for even just a minute it is relevant to this site.

    While i am still laughing about the big silver curlers attached to an electric pole i will go and empty the washing machine so i can put the wet bedding in to wash. Have a happy day Baruli. Janexx

  • Here Here, comic relief; laughter is the best medicine; Don't think anyone here neglected their mates....


  • Just something else to talk about apart from psp , it helps surely to hear a little bit of fun stuff

  • My guess is....To enjoy life for what is, and what was, and tomorrow what will be...

    I've been party to handling the anguish of PSP with husband, and possibly father-in-law (diagnosis unclear, but symptoms there .... unfortunately).

    During those 25 years my sanity remained .... Just.... If I could have turned back the clock (wouldn't we all!) I would have loved to have had opportunity to know others in anything similar, and not feel so alone.... :)

  • Must be a 13 year old thing, it's when I received my perm... My sisters called me frizz ball!

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ahhhh! Looked like an instrument of torture but the victims are smiling. My mum cut my hair for years but when I was 13 she made an appointment for me at a hairdressers but said I'd got to go alone. We were going to a wedding and she wanted me to have a proper cut. I'd never set foot in a hairdressers before and was terrified. She told me to ask for a modern cut that suited my face. Having a strange man patting and stroking my hair sent me shaking in the chair and when he asked me what he was going to do today I repeated what mum had told me to say. I held my eyes clenched tight when he washed it and prayed it would soon be over. He cut and blow dried it and I couldn't believe it. I loved it. It was in the 60's and Cilla Black had the same cut; very short at the back, fairly long at the front, back combed on top with a small fringe and the side hair covering a lot of my face with two points almost meeting under my chin. I had walked into the hairdressers as a little girl and walked out feeling I had grown up. There was a very short skirted, slim, well made up woman standing on one corner. As I walked towards her I moved my head to make the long hair at the front swing and was surprised at her reaction. She said aggressively, "Get out of here, it's my patch". It was some time later I realised what she was waiting for. I little further along the road a lorry stopped and the driver said, "Hello Darling, do you want a lift". I declined politely with mixed emotions. No one had ever noticed me before . When I got home my pride and grown up feeling disappeared in a flash. Mum screamed at me saying all sorts of things, the only words I can remember was prostitute and looking like a pair of curtains. She grabbed me, sat me down and cut it to the same level as the back pulling and tugging it all the time. I had to pay her the money back out of my pocket money as I had told the hairdresser what to do, she said. I think that episode damaged me for life. Another effect it had on me though was to always allow our sons to do what they wanted with their hair, and some very weird and wonderful styles they had as well. I still hate going to the hairdressers and would rather go to the dentist.

    Thanks for bringing back memories, even if it's also given me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    Have a great day if possible.


  • This reminds of the first time my daughter went to the hairdressers. She had lovely straight long blonde hair, although trying hard to darken. Hairdresser asked her if she wanted it scrunched dried. Which she did, came home looking a million dollars, got a bit of a tongue lashing from her mother, I thought she had had it permed! Nothing in that, but from that day onwards, her hair as been this very curly mop! (Now 37) When just washed, looks like a very expensive perm, but the next day......... Funnily enough, it's me now, that gets the blame!!!!!!!! Hey ho!

    Lots of love


  • hahahaha...moms they are the ruin of us all hahahaha (just kidding)

  • What a hussy you are Deb lol .. Lovely story . You must have been upset at the time though although you can look back and laugh now

  • Chris I'm glad you had a good lunch with the girls.

    Just loved the the story of the perm the images i had of you in the rollers and then attached to the electric pole. Eyes all a glow with joy and anticipation only to look like crystal tipps a week later.

    I can relate to that because in the mornings i always look like a demented hedgehog.

    Thanks for the good giggle on this sunny sundy morning. Janex

  • Apologies Chris! Didn't realise your connection here and thought it was a random post ; like the Teen's post here a couple of weeks ago). Glad you got this break with your girls! Sorry once again for misunderstanding ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks for your apology , sorry I thought I may have upset you but sometimes is good to get away from it all ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

  • ALWAYS good to get away Chris.. Grab any opportunity you get! My Mum is Dad's primary caregiver and though we live in different countries, I try to go and be with them at least once every two so she has a break (..and a life). Sorry if my initial post hurt you even for a moment - what triggered off my rile was that teenager's post and that it was another irrelevant random post.. Didn't notice your name๐Ÿ˜”

  • I remember that, theres a band , PSP.....she would have learned soon enough......what's sad is when the medical field asks the same question?

  • Chris you made me laugh, no I have never heard of this, but I did have my hair permed, when I was young, it was short style with longer hair on top permed, just wash and go. NannaB you made me laugh as well, poor you having to have your mum cut your hair again, I have always let my children do what they wanted with there hair, but not dye in when they were young, even though they asked for it to be coloured, like my granddaughter he youngest is always asking to dye her hair, and her mother say, no when you are older enough to pay for it you can, so things just go around and around.

    Jane you should see my hair when I get up in the morning, looks like I have had a fright. Love you all have a lovely Sunday, our babies birthday today he will be 32 so dinner and cake for us all together. Yvonne xxxxxx. Ladies thank you for a happy morning x

  • Hi Chris, glad you had a lovely lunch. Even better that the topic wasn't PSP and all its woes!

    Sorry, never heard of this type of perm, must be before my time!!!!!

    Hope Baruli hasn't upset you. I see there is an apology! I for one, love these "random" stories. its nice to know, we can still remember that there are other things in life, bar this ########################### disease!!!!!

    Where do you live now?

    Lots of love


  • No not upset by Baruli reply ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆlive in Australia now , been here since I turned 22 with hubby and an 18 month old baby girl , a vacume cleaner and cutlery set shuffed inside !! Have a happy day xx

  • When I go out with the girls all talk of PSP is banned. I know its only for a few hours but to totally forget I am a carer and someone I love is in the middle of this awful disease is wonderful. Love my pretend world. Don't mind then going back to reality till the next month! Love the hairdressing stories, takes me back as well. Used to love henna, and when I sent my hair orange trying a diy job itl made me laugh at the memories. Good start to Sunday xx

  • You have reminded me of another bad hair day. When our boys were young we went to a holiday camp. Before going I dyed my hair and that was a disaster as I looked like a daffodil. We went swimming every day we were there and on about day 5, the boys started laughing at me. I asked them what they were laughing at and the oldest one said," Mum, why have you dyed your hair green". The chlorine had reacted with the dye and I changed from a daffodil to a green banana as it ripened.


  • Hahahaha I looked up the contraption on internet! That's a scary looking thing...What happened if ever there was a fire etc...."Well at least youll have pretty hair when they find ya" or "Here's a pair a scizzors go ahead and cut yourself out"

    Oh well, I have naturally ugly hair I mean curly. I'ts sort of curly. some places are more curly and some place are sort of straight......There was a tiem in college it looked pretty good....I think the good Lord wanted me to get married so HE gave me a perm didn't last....the pretty curls...the marriage is still happily ever after...


  • Chris m2 . I know about how old you are now lol . Yes I remember the electric machine , like Nanna b so rightly said it was torture . . AI had very think straight hair when my mother sent me to have a perm , I was going to be a bridesmaid ,

    It was so very heavy and pulled you pr head to one side then the other . If I remember rightly it would take hours and it felt like I was sat in that chair for hours .

    You couldn't get out of the chair or move .

    Once washed and dried . The hair was huge , I still have the photo somewhere.

    I will google it now and remind myself what it was like . . I also remember the hairdressers held something in front of my nose so that I would get use to the small . It was ammonia and took the great away .

  • Yes Chris I did but it was a home perm! My mom had her friend (who had gone to beauty school) come over to do it. It was really smelly chemicals that burned my scalp!

    They had tea and chatted so much they forgot about me. Some of my hair came off in the rollers and there were pieces of paper stuck to my scalp which were placed between my hair and scalp (for protection no less). My hair too was a frizzy mess and I was teased to no end at school. Finally my older sister decided she would cut it for me. Mind you she was only a year older than me and I was about 10 years old. I looked like a rag doll when she was done. Mama took me to a real hairdresser who was stunned. She cut it into what was called a pixie cut but it was still a halo around my head. Even worse teasing at school the next day.Calling me a boy. Gradually it got better and I did not let anybody near it for a long long time. I wore it long and STRAIGHT from then on. My Mama used to ask me when I came home for a visit if I could not afford to have my hair done and always offered to take me into her friend's shop who was now working in a real salon. Needless to say I always declined! I started setting it on roller when I went for a visit and it made her so happy. Thanks for triggering the memory and glad you got a day out with the girls. I have not done that in such a long time.I think everyone has forgotten about me.

    Take care,


  • Hi Jayne

    Yours truly was a nightmare , pretty frightening when the hair falls out , bad enough when the colour changes like NannaB from swimming in the sea !!

    Sorry you don't get out much , my hubby not too unwell to leave on his own but I know that time will come . The town where we live is below the mountains and it's a pretty close community , not too close that you feel smothered , but nice . Before my hubby George retired always worked as a truck driver for local building and hard wear store , so lots people know him from delivered etc . Always good strong worker never sick , only time he had off work was to get his gall bladder out , so it's come quite a shock to him to have this awful illness .

    R you unwell yourself or are you a carer ?


  • Chris, I am a carer. I finally have someone steady to help but it always seems like I have a101 errands to do when she comes. And friends have just seemed to drop by the wayside as well. Do not get invited places as much anymore. Partly my fault as I was unable to accept invitations for so long that it is as if they have forgotten about me.

    Sounds fun to just forget the demon PSP for the afternoon and have a few good laughs!

    Take care,


  • Hi Jayne

    It's so sad that you don't get out much , and also that your friends seem to have forgotten you . It'd be nice if sometimes they would call on you for a morning/ afternoon cuppa if it not possible to visit them out of your home .

    I know what you mean though it's sometimes out of sight out of mind . Whilst my hubby was working he had a social life , always the one to drive fellow workers to different functions that was organised through works social group . He wouldn't drink and drive so it allowed the ones having the ride to have a drink .

    No-one has been to see him since diagnosed , and if we meet anyone in the street it's "high George how you going , we will have to catch up for a coffee or something " !! Never happens .

    George is happy for me that I meet up with my ex co workers , says he enjoys being on his own for a peaceful couple hrs !!

    His says that so I don't feel guilty going out !! ( I think he does anyway ) !!!

    So reading from you , your partner in crime must be more advanced in their illness than George if someone comes in .

    Try to make time to cut some of those errands down a little bit so mayb you can catch up with a friend even for half hour , I know it's easier said than done I know it's hard .


  • Ha ha. My dad is a hairdresser, and he did an experimental "Vidal Sassoon" haircut on me when I had just started secondary school.

    It was very short, with the fringe coming down into a big "V"

    I got bullied!

  • Poor you those bully days are still around , but not just about haircuts now ๐Ÿ˜”My daughters used to think I never went through stuff like that , I used to say to them " I didn't land on this earth at the age of 40 ( that's when I was 40)!! " I have been through shite too !!

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