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Such sadness

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my dear friend Pat, who lost her fight for life suffering from CBD. Such wonderful tributes were made by her family both for her and for their dad, who was Pat's carer.

Her daughter spoke afterwards and summed it up by saying that she had just wanted her mom's suffering to end. Are we wrong to wish for an end to their suffering? Personally I don't think so. Both CBD and PSP become such undignified conditions as they progress and all we can hope is that by some miracle, a cure can be found.

I was unable to stay after the funeral service but Pat's husband telephoned me this evening to say that a few people had given him money to send as a donation to the PSP charity. He has asked me to forward the proceeds on his behalf. Such a kind gesture at this very sad time but as we all know, donations are always welcome, however small, in our search for an end to these horrid diseases.

R.I.P Pat LeRoy. You will never be forgotten.

SuzieQ xxxxx

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So sorry to hear about your loss, SuzieQ. Thoughts are with you and Pat's family.

You are definitely not wrong when you ask "Are we wrong to wish for an end to their suffering?" especially when it robs the person of their very being which makes them, them.

Stay strong x


Thank you Hannah. It means a lot to know that other people understand exactly how you are feeling.

Take care..............SuzieQ xxxx


Dear Suzie,

Thanks for saying the words I've felt so guilty about even thinking!! At least every other day I wish this was all over for Mum - but knowing that other people are thinking exactly the same really helps and removes some of the guilt.

Love Kathy x


So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. It was so thoughtful for her family to think about others in their sadness so sincere thanks to her husband, family and friends for their kind donation to the PSP Association. Every donation is gratefully received and will be put to good use helping people with PSP/CBD and their families and carers.



I am in your situation - my father dying 2 months ago from CBD.

Through the very difficult last weeks I spent a lot of time wishing it was all over for him & for us. For the suffering to end.

Six months before his death the thought occassionaly popped into my mind & then I did fel guilty. Now although he has gone I don't feel bad.

He had a wonderful full life even through the progression. It was obvious by the messages we got & the things people said at the funeral that he was a well loved man. Whilst we all miss him dreadfully I feel that 'hanging on in there' was not an option for him. He was no longer the man he was & he was so frustrated & unhappy.

So now I remember the wonderful man who was my father & not the shell who slipped a way.

So remember the good times you have had (we look at photos & listen to the music he loved) & I hope eventually the memories of the illness will fade a bit.



Sorry to learn of your loss. Condolences to you and your family. May your dad now rest in peace.

SuzieQ xx


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