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Before I logged onto this site I didnt realise how many people there were relatively close to me with PSP, and I am sure there must be others who have not found the site yet. I am in touch with the daughter of a patient and i am also in regular contact with her mum and we try to meet up every couple of months.

With the support of the PSPA I am trying to get a support group up and running in the Brentwood area. If there is anyone out there in the East London/Essex area who would like more details and would like to come along please do get in touch with the PSPA for more details. If the support group is a success, who knows, we may set up another group in another area.

It s nice to be able to give support to patients and their families, as I have been there and know exactly what they are going through.

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  • hi jennifer,

    hope your keeping well its nice to hear from you i live in

    essex and i would be intrested in attending your meetings

    thats if people with CBD can come along just let me know

    take care


  • hi jenni,

    i live in a place called halstead which is inbetween

    chelmsford and colchester i think its about 35 miles

    from you,

    take care


  • hi jennifer,

    ive been to ilford quite a lot i used to stay up

    there at weekends with one of my x girl friends

    meny years ago, you might have heard of halstead

    it was on x factor its where matt cardel comes from

    who won x factor,

  • Hi Jennifer

    Sounds great you are starting something.

    Is there any one out there in S. Cambridge shire,near Royston,Bassingbourne,?

    Hope you get a good support group going.

  • Hi Pinda. We hope to have a support group in Cambridge soon. I have a meeting on Tuesday with two volunteers who are keen to set one up there. As soon as I have details I'll let you know. Best wishes Cameron

  • hi cameron,

    hope your keeping well im not far from

    cambridge and would be intrested in

    attending when you have details can you

    let me know,

    kind regards


  • No problem Ray. Might not be till mid October but I'll make sure you get the info as soon as...

  • We are having our first support group meeting on Saturday 24 Septembe at the Masrilac in Brentwood between 2.30 and 5.30. If you have not had an invitation and would like to attend please contact Cameron Wood at the PSPA.

    Look forward to seeing as many of you that are able to come along.

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