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I became very aware of the "ripple effect" that PSP has on the family and friends of those who are suffering from this cruel disease.

Mum is the centre of our ripple, but Dad's life, my brother's, sister's and my life, Mum's sister's life, her dearest friend's life, my husband and my children's lives have all been changed forever.

PSP has taken over to such an extent that every day some part of my day is affected by PSP - even if it's only to log onto the various forums. This was brought home to me by something that happened the other day. We were sitting round the dinner table talking, my son, my husband and I and I said "I noticed something on a website today..." and my husband and son said, IN UNISON, "the PSP forum???" and then "Surprise, surprise!!"

It just takes over!

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Hi're so right. It really does take over especially in the early days when you're trying to find out as much as possible. I logged on to the forum every chance I got. I never seemed to be off it & didn't seem to have any other topic of conversation. It then eased off a husband Frank was diagnosed in April 2007.....but has now taken over again as PSP progresses. I did manage to have a fairly lengthy period where I started researching my family tree so my focus changed. You do have to make an effort though.

Take care & try to keep smiling.

Love Hazel B xx


You are so right! I feel like I have become 'that person whose Dad has PSP' rather than just me. I think this new forum is fab, its nice that there are people out there who feel the same, PSP is so isolating for everyone involved in that ripple! x


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