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hi every body,

I have just got home from the psp symposium in london

and i would just like to say what a great day i had great

speakers, great people and a great venue, and a special

thanks to denise who kept me company through out the

day and thanks to jennie for chaseing me round the place

all day , well done to every body involved in organising the

day you all done a great job,


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Hi Ray

Yes it was a great day!!

Yiou have now spilt the beans and everyone knows there is something going on between us !!!!!! Oh well, I dont mind if u dont, saves them talking about everyone else.

It was sooooo nice to meet old friends and new and like Ray I enjoyed the day.

Well done to the organisers!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you Ray and eveyone else at the next Brentwood PSP Support Group meeting.

Love, nd best wishes to eveyone I met today




So wish I could have been there!! I didn't know about it till it was too late to make arrangements for my parents!! Mom couldnt watch Dad alone that long! I am hoping there is one in Dallas in February, I will fly from Toronto for that!!

Glad you enjoyed the day.



Hi Ray

I wish I could have been there it sounds like it was a great event and you certainly sound like you had a good time. Well done to everyone who organised it and to those who attended

Lesley x


hi ray

i missed it too and could not meet up with all the friends on the forum

But will get the details emailed to me frokm debbie a psp

;love jill


Hi Jill, I will most likely get the presentations emailed to you next week. Best wishes, Debbie


Hi Ray, it was so nice to finally get to meet you at the Sympsium. I am glad you had such a great time - the venue worked really well and the speakers were fab too. Best wishes, Debbie


thanks debbie

hi again

-any chancei of the symposium beingi n MANCHESTER next year (or the middle of teh country - eg northampton?) as the SE is a nightmare to get to especially as the startimg time makes it impssoble to get there and back in a day

love jill


I would just like to add my comments to Ray's :-) I was also there yesterday and it was a brilliant day and beautifully organised from the choice of speakers to the delicious refreshments provided and the smooth running of the day. THANKS to all involved! It was lovely to meet some of my fellow bloggers and to put a face to our super specialist nurse, Samantha who, until now, has only been a calm, reassuring and comforting voice on the end of the telephone!

Kathy x


Hi Ray,

I too was at the symposium and found the day very helpful and reassuring in many ways. It was also good to speak to other people face to face who are caring for loved ones with psp. I'm only sorry I didn't meet fellow bloggers, maybe another year.

Thank you to the organizers and the excellent speakers.



I also found the day very helpful - meeting fellow bloggers makes me feel there is an army out there fighting PSP. It also helped to meet so many professionals in the medical profession who wanted to know and do more. This blog has also prooved invaluable because it answers so many questions from the people dealing with the disease on a daily basis. I have also learned how individual the disease is. Let's hope the researchers come up with a solution sooner rather than later.


Hi Ray, I was so pleased to meet you at the conference, your courage and determination to fight the disease is simply fantastic.


Forgot to say Ray you beat me to the blog!! You won.


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