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Fun in the sun

Yesterday was a good day. We took Mum out for the afternoon to a local event to celebrate Armed Forces Day. There were marching bands and parachutes, a veterans parade, a petting zoo and owls. Mum didn't like being pushed across the grass in the wheelchair, but that was the only difficulty. The highlight of the afternoon was, without doubt, the ice cream cornet!! I had to hold it for her and by the time she'd finished we were both covered in ice cream but when I asked her if she'd enjoyed it she smiled and said "very much!" Moments like that are rare these days and so all the more precious.

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great that you and your mum could enjoy a simple pleasuré oike an icecream

i have trouble eating daintily and tend to shove food in at the moment - but sitlll enjoy my food



Keep on enjoying it and shoveling it in for as long as you can!!! Just try to be careful if you can but I know it is a condition of the illness but if you can eat slower it helps alot more with swallowing and reduces coughing :)