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Emotional freedom Technique

had eft again yesterday which i have for about

4 hours on a tuesday each week, The results

keep getting better and better every time we

tap on a new problem we cure it,its just amazeing

what can be accomplished just by tapping on the

meridan points which are the energy pathways to the body,

Its the easy way to stay stress free and remain possitve.

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Hi Ray

It sounds like eft is working wonders to keep you positive - does it come on the NHS or do you have to pay for it?


hi helen

hope your keeping well i havent heard of eft on the

nhs you might be able to get in diffrent areas i get it

from a very good friend of mine you can learn to do

it your self by going on youtube but i find doing it

on your self is not as good as if you have it done by

a holistic therapist but its not cheap.


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