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We are back from a week in Milwaukee to see Charles family. Everyone was there. Each day was filled with family activit because of him. They and we all knew it was the last time he would visit his hometown. Some tears from the older men and sadness from the children who didn't totally understand.

Trip on the airlines was so difficult. Wheelchair wasn't waiting at the gate. He fell on his walker and it broke. The pilot came out to help. Needless to say upon arrival we bought a new walker. On the way home same thing, wheelchair nowhere. Ugh. Never again. Oxygen needed on the plane for him because he started choking and heaving. But we went home and he fell there because he was so tired!

All in all it went as well as it could. Today I'm getting him ready for adult daycare. I hope he likes it. We go for an interview next week.

I'm sad but happy we had a vacation, whatever that was.


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  • It was a vacation! It is good to see family no matter what the reason. B and I went out to AZ to visit parents...It too was the last time. His brother came from Alaska and they had a sweet visit....We drove since we had wheel chair and suction machine and gallons of liquid nutrient!

    Well CC, I'm glad you made the trip and good luck with the day hospice.....this may be very good for him and it certainly will be good for you


  • At least you were out there trying. Things always go wrong, but you coped, you both survived. Be proud that you made such an important trip and you found the strength from somewhere. It's always sad when you do things for the last time. We actually do this virtually everyday, but don't appreciate the fact. Treasure the fact that you did have a vacation and have got some lovely memories.

    Hope Charles enjoys Adult day care.

    Lots of love


  • PS. A letter to the airline about the lack of wheelchair service might be in order. It's totally unacceptable and against international law. They have to provide access for disabled travellers.

    Lots of love


  • Good idea, I'll follow-up. At least if I write it will make me feel better.

  • I'm sure it was worth all the effort and letdown by the airline, but horrible to think it's the last time. It seems some of the folk on here are a lot braver than me, I think of all the difficulties getting from A to B and often decide it's not worth the effort especially now Ben's mobility is so decreased. Our last trip away resulted in Ben breaking his hip but guess this may have happened at some point anyway and so should try to put this to the back of my mind.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Love Kate xx

  • We too have a last trip planned. We're in the UK and son works in Hobart, Tasmania. It's taken me over three months to persuade Jon to fly business class but finally booked flights and we're going to spend two whole months there in December and January. (I'm going premium economy and hoping they'll upgrade me !! - ever hopeful)

    Our first and only experience of travel assistance here and in Croatia has been wonderful so hoping to repeat that. What a shame it didn't work for you and bravo for the effort.


  • Hi Richanne, you are very brave but ensure the airline and airport know your needs, remember there will be at least 3 transfers so I hope the airline has organised "meet and greet" services, I suggest you contact airline customer services to double check they are aware of your husband's needs at the transfer points. Ask about extra hand luggage for PSP essentials. Also remember it is over 24 hours journey ask your GP for some tranquillisers to help him sleep.

    Hobart is a nice friendly city and is usually less hot than rest of Aus in summer so best wishes (jealous) and good luck for an uneventful set of flights. Tim

  • Thank you for the advice Tim. I will certainly contact the airline. The travel agent booked assistance for us while we were in the shop so it is done in theory but I'm sure it will do no harm to check directly with the airports.

    I don't think Jon will have any trouble sleeping if he can lie down but we have some Melatonin in stock so might try that.

    I'll let you know how it pans out.

    This holiday weekend another first for us. I used to go to folk festivals on my own and miss doing it so we are going to one in Shrewsbury. Bed and breakfast accommodation instead of camping and a mobility scooter booked. Some rain forecast so I hope the scooter can cope on soggy ground. Really excited.


  • Richanne hope you enjoy the weekend, Shrewsbury is a nice town but some steep slopes. But has some great cafes and restaurants try Poppies great cakes.

    Depends where the festival is if in main riverside park and the quarry decent amount of Tarmac paths but can be very crowded. If on the show ground in Frankley flatter but can get very muddy.

    If you are not local to Shrewsbury try to contact PSPA Shrewsbury group organiser: Dianne, for suggestions of possible PSP friendly places.

    Have a great weekend hope not too wet. Tim

  • Quick update as you showed interest!

    Wonderful weekend. Endurance infinitely improved by the mobility scooter though the driver was a touch erratic and didn't seem to think it necessary to check behind before reversing!!

    B&B was only 5 minutes by car with a disabled parking bay just across the road. Close enough to walk to see the old market hall and other ancient buildings. And the blue badge meant we were able to park right in the festival site.

    We managed a laid-back compromise of late starts and a late afternoon retreat to the B&B for a rest before the evening concerts.

    I'd attach a photo if I could see how!


  • Wow what a set of unfortunate journeys, I am glad he and you enjoyed the family get together even if tinged with sadness.

    Our last major trip 30 months ago to USA (Yellowstone and central Rockies coach tour) had mixed airport experience: Newark great service, while Denver and Las Vegas little or no help even though they knew we were coming. The coach company was fantastic with getting M on off and always having wheelchair ready. The effort was worth it as the photos still bring smiles to M.

    Good luck Tim

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