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Emotional Freedom Techique (eft)

Hi every body just like to share this with you, having cbd

makes most days a bit of a struggle but i have found that

holistic therapy is a great way to cope with it , i have been

having EFT for the last three months and the results have

been amazeing i dont worry about the diease any more i

dont get stressed about anything any more and its even

stoped the treamor in my right arm any body needs any

more information just ask me i will be glad to help.

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Hi Ray,

I'd be interested in finding out more information on this. Sometimes dad's arm shakes but he's also been extremely indifferent to having PSP. He doesn't talk about it or acknowledge it. I'm not sure if it's because how he is - it took him nearly 10 years to tell us he had a heart problem!


hi faiza

EFT involves gently tapping on the points of the meridans,

Meridans are energy pathways in the body,

EFT is very easy to learn and apply yourself for small problems

but in the hands of a good Holistic Therapist it is incredible powerful

for deep and complex situations, It can even be done as a ono to one

over the phone there is a lot of infomation about eft on the internet,


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