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Just a update on my visit to the neurology clinic today its

the first time i have been for a check up at the clinic for

just over a year, I went in 20 mins late sat down and Dr sharief

talked over what had been going on in my life for the last year

then he told me to get on the bed so he could examine me he

did quite a few tests then said ok you can get dress and come and sit

down we need to have a chat your not going to belive what im

about to tell you, he said the CBD has not got any worse since

he last saw me infact there is a slight inprovement in my

condition i nearly fell off my chair he said its the first time

he has ever known any body to show signs of inprovement,

he also put the inprovement down to the holistic therapy ive

been reciveing called (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE)

which i have been reciveing since about febuary this year

i knew i had inproved a little bit but to be told by my

neurologest just made my day i cant stop smileing, weather

it will continue we will have to wait and see but its a start, so

the first thing i did when i got out of hospital was to ring my

holistic therapist and tell her the good news it just proves if

you dont try these things you dont know weather they will

work, It has made her day as well she cant stop smileing now,

take care


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Couldn't help but smile and get excited for you as I read on.

Let's hope this is just the beginning.

Hannah x


hi hannah,

you just have to smile at times like this if you cry

at least they will be tears of joy,

ray xx


Hi Ray

That is such good news. I hope and pray it continues for you. I too am smiling reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

Take care.........SuzieQ


hi suzieq

hope your keeping well im still smileing i cant

even go to bed because im on a high its as all

my birthdays have come at wonce,

take care ray xx


Excellent news!


hi faiza

hope your keeping well

and thanks for your comment

take care


hi Ray

great news!!

i am so delighted for you and your therapist!

i am awake oo early again but shall try and get anpther few hoursin now

love jill


hi jillann,

hope you are keeping well sorry to hear you

are haveing trouble with your sleep its probley

down to the meds thanks for your comments

take care

luv ray x


we all share your joy,



hi kay,

hope your keeping well i still cant stop smileing

at the moment i will come back down to earth with

a bump some time to day and realise its only a start

but not a cure,

take care

ray x


Thats great news Ray - you never know what works - I agree to try anything - really pleased for you and your family xx


Hi Ray,

that is great news for you.I am so pleased for the good news...we dont seem to get much of that.Keep going :-)



hi linda,

hope your keeping well i agree it makes a change

to get some good news for once lets just hope its

not short lived,



hi louise,

hope your keeping well im on such a high at the

moment i dont know what to do with my self so i

booked up to go and see my therapist so we can start

working on the bits that havent inproved you take care,

ray xx


I can imagine - it brightened up my morning so I can only imagine what its doing for you! So pleased for you and just think if you find some sort of cure or prevention of it progressing - someone has to so why not you - just great news xx


What exciting news for you Ray...


hi debbie,

hope your keeping well yes it is exciting news

i have been i a high since yesterday afternoon,

ray x


Nice to hear some good news! :-)


hi kathy,

hope your keeping well yes its all good news so far


Ray, such fabulous news! It's lifted us all, so I can't even imagine the high you are on :)


hi fiona,

how you doing hope all is well it is good news

i just hope it lasts i keep thinking im going to

wake up and its all a dream lol

ray x


Hi Ray....fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's not a cure but to have some improvement is absolutely brilliant. I think I'll have to look into this EFT .

Take care & definitely keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx


hi hazel,

hope your keeping well i cant stop smileing im just off to

go for some more eft ive had it now i wont some more

you take care

luv ray xx


hi ray

how r you keepign?

i too saw the neuro yesterday and think overall i am better with my balance ; and my walking has inproved

(eyes are worse as are the fine motor skills)

But i am falling a lot less than i was -unless stressed

He will see me again in 6 months-good news (apart from the fact that it si mdi feb and the worst time of year 4 me)

I too feel much better and think i must have a slower version of the Psp

(1 of the American bloggers says that!) I look v well too and people cannot believe I have a termianl illness, so what the heck

life has to be lived like you r doing

I am off for my Big Holiday next week to stay in N Yorkshire near my dad and cousins - all of whom i have not seen for ages

take care and keep up the blogging

love jill


hi jill,

hope your keeping well im keeping ok thanks glad to here

your neuro appointment went well thats what ive been told

that i have the slower version of cbd so thats good news for

both of us i had one bit of bad news this week my holistic

therapist has turned funny with me for some reason hasnt

spoke to me for nearly a week thats a shame because i

was realy showing some inprovement with her help now ive

lost her help i havent been able to sleep propley and i have

this empty feeling in my tummy but i will get over it i hope,

yes live life to the full thats my way of thinking too, glad to

here your getting away for a holiday i hope you have a great

time in n yorkshire and you look after your self,

luv ray xx


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