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someone to chat to mum xx

hi, my mum has no internet and cant use a computer so i tell her all about people on here who are in the same situation, she is a fulltime carer for peter my stepdad, she does feel so lonely we all help as we can, they have just had an assesment with social services so fingers crossed for help soon, if i post my email would we be able to exchange numbers so my mum can chat maybe to people that understand? my email is


emma xxx

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Hi Emma,

If you and/or your Mum join the PSP association they will provide you with a list of other PSP sufferers/carers in your area and their contact details.

You can find details of how to join on the PSP website

It's free for carers to join. In addition they will give you a whole range of useful contact details and information about the disease, and is well worth joining.

In the meantime I will email you my details and would be happy to speak with your Mum, if she wants to.

Love Kathy x


that would be great thanks xxx


Hello Kathy -----I am 75 and when my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons de3cided to be brave and go with ,it didn' want to be left behind and bought myself a laptop .YOU CAN'T CHANGE PROGRESS ...............

I didn't have a clue what to do with it ,

I didn't want to bother my ONLY child with allllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL my problems so paid someone £50 to to set it up .. tHAT WAS MY FIRST MISTAKE AND ONLY ONE ...

Still didn't have a clue and patiently waited until my daughter brother and brother in law came and went through some things with me .

I had picked up some leaflets while in the Parkinsons consultant and joined Parkinsons UK ..

My husband no longer drives and I don't .

Now I do my shopping on line BRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. I think they would put it in the cupboards and frdge for me idf I asked lol

The best thing of all is that I can get onto all these sites , I have made so many friends whi , I now am priviledged to call my friends .

You can be choosey we all speak the same language , have things in common and support each other .

It's such a difficult complex road we are travelling , so much to learn .. so many questions !!!

I now call my laptop freedom ..

However I do hope she can get in touch with others's one way or another I am sure it will be benificial to her ....

As for yourself please do and try and continue to find out as much as you can about Parkinsons it's power to your elbow .

However ever big or samll if there is something that is bothering you ASKKKKK .

it might sound trivial , so many different sympptons .. once yo know the answer you understand ................................

Good Luck .....



I agree

Computer games (egsolitaire )to, calm me down r great too

And if u need to find anything google it!

Lol Jill



See what happens once you get on here , you get finger diaorhea. I am sure i have spelt that wrong but it's close enough /...

Tell your mum I only type with 2 fingers .................................


Ps I have an iPad for when my speech getsworse

And it is really good for texting etc

Loo Jill



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