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My Wonder Woman

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What Warriors we have! This is my Wonder Woman!

She amazes me every single day, as she navigates this horrible disease. So many changes, so much loss, and yet …. She finds a way to SMILE!!!

Blessings to all … Kim & Marlene!

Finding slivers of joy in each day.

Thumbs up kind of day!

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Definitely Wonder Woman and so are you. Like mother like daughter. Thumbs up and many blessings to you both XxxX

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bazooka111 in reply to NannaB

Hi NannaB! I hope you’re doing well! It’s a beautiful summer day here in Ohio — I had mom out on the deck listening to the birds this morning when I took that picture — she’s resting now. She is only up an hour or two max before she has to lay back down —- she’s sleeping ALOT. ((Hugs))

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NannaB in reply to bazooka111

A beautiful summer day here also. I’m doing very well thanks and I’ve found life can be good after PSP. Of course I miss my darling Colin every day, but I’m not sad any more. He left me for a better place 6 years ago come October, 6 years that have flown past. In August it will be the 50th anniversary of the start of our wonderfully happy marriage. 2 of our 3 sons were born very close to our 2nd & 6th anniversary so we are going to celebrate their birthday & our wedding day and be thankful for the happy years we all had together, remembering the good times. Keep making happy memories. Lots of love XxxX

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bazooka111 in reply to NannaB

I love all of this - 50th! Birthday & Anniversary celebration — what a great idea! ((Hugs))

How wonderful x

This, this is more than a sliver... it's a board and makes me smile.Tim x

PSP = Please Stay Positive! Love an all best lovely guys ... I am in it with you! Tim x

Read the title and knew it was you! Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture and reminding me to keep making happy moments. Hugs for you and your mom!

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bazooka111 in reply to Runner333

Hugs back!!! We have to keep moving forward —- xo

Kim, You are the Wonder Woman....great posts from you. Big hugs to your mum!

Richard x


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bazooka111 in reply to Richard33

Awww Richard hugs to you 🥰

Such a beautiful photo ❤️

Thank you! My sweet Momma wears her smile well.

Brilliant hugs to you xx

Same to you my friend 🥰 I hope you’re well

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