My husband's new girlfriend

Well actually she is a speech and Language intern. If you remember, she is the one who had a small but strong discussion with her mentor (who turned Bruce down 3 years ago) about how Mr Birke could indeed benefit from services. She and Bruce immediately clicked when she realized he was a Grateful Dead fan ! Her last day was today and SHE GAVE HIM a going away gift....a signed poster of a concert from Steve Kimmock who used to tour with the Dead (he was in town the other night)....Not only that but she recorded most of the concert on her iphone so B could listen to it with her.........I am crying!! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE OTHER THAN FAMILY HAS EVER REACHED OUT TO BRUCE AND JUST CELEBRATED LIFE WITH HIM!

God bless you young lady and may you forever keep that passion toward the person ....and see more than just a symptom!

I don't know what to say. I really have not experienced someone willing to spend an hour with Bruce, and see beyond the PSP.........and cnat type for ythe crying


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  • How wonderful! What a lovely lady. So happy for you both. It's as though God sends an angel to help us through.

  • PS I hope he played Terrapin Station! 😋

  • No but they did a really good Franklin's Tower ...... I asked my husband what the song was and I thought he said Frankenstein's daughter hahaha he finally spelled out the title on his letter board that same young lady made for him (mine wasn't good enough LOL)


  • An angel Yes, I like that!

  • abirke,

    Happy for you both :)

    Audrey xoxo

  • thank you Audrey

  • Bonus! Hats off to this young lady . The world needs more like her. So glad she found Bruce. You also benefit from this kindness toward your loved one. It is Karma you deserve more people like this. There is hope for the world .

  • So true thanks N21

  • That is a beautiful story, Mrs. B. Heartening to hear. Love, ec

  • My heart was just bursting ! thanks ec

  • What a lovely young lady. I'm sure she gained from her kind show of love. God bless her, and both of you.


  • You know the first time we met her I gave her one of dads cd's . He used to play a bit like Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist in the Grateful Dead basically the leader of the band////and she just fell in love with his , B's album! sweet

    Thanks for the write NannaB

  • ❤️XxxX

  • Wish the were many more people like this xxxx

  • How wonderful! Bless her. X

  • Just, wonderful x

  • I'm so glad for all of you...

  • Not many things put a tear in my eye, these days. But your wonderful speech therapist wins today. I notice that she only an Intern. Let's hope when she is fully qualified, cynicism doesn't set in. Wouldn't the world be a better place, if more people were like her.

    Lovely story AVB. Hope your next one is half as good.

    Lots of love


  • We are going to the Neurologist soon so I doubt it. Break out the Klonopin everybody, lets just relax, doc....

  • Wonderful! x

  • Thanks, it's nice to have a story with a happy ending....


  • To be sure (:

  • Every once in a while someone comes into your life and makes a great impact. It is so nice to hear that there are still people like that, the smallest things make such a difference.

    I wish we were all in the same country, we could all meet together and actually talk, hug, cry and laugh....

  • I so feel the same way....Thank God we have at least here. Like Heady said this site has probably helped us more than we even know. I mean when I think about it, I learned more about what my husbands needs HERE and thus averted several crisis situations.....! Thank you, my friends, even if all I can give you is a virtual hug!

    So heres a virtual

    ((HUG)) :)


  • Virtual hug received! If you have received any knowledge outside this site, then you are extremely lucky. Although to be fair, I have got a lot of support from our local PSPA support group. Mary, put me in touch with the local hospice, which has saved my life. And Quickjel - Jerry, makes a good cup of coffee, when I provide it for him!!!

    It would be sooooo lovely though, to meet up with up with everyone in the flesh.

    lots of love


  • Maybe we should be thinking of another virtual party. I must admit I have yet to go to one. Always forget plus the 6 hour difference makes it hard to get all dressed up in my 'evening wear' at noon,,,hahah


    Somebody talk to me a Happy News Year Party

  • Love that! Made me tear up because I totally get it and it's true!

  • What a lovely story Avb, she certainly sounds a very special person.

    Love Kate xx

  • A happy story. Brought a smile to my face.

    love, Jean x

  • Thank you everybody for the support I hope that we all have at least one experience that is above and beyond the regular day to day service....

  • How lucky you are. God bless.

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