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Hello all! My dad’s birthday is coming up and I’m trying to think of gifts he will like (especially as I can’t visit / see him in his care home due to Covid) His vision is non-existent and he is on a puree / soft food diet. I’ve already bought him some practical gifts (socks, pjs etc) but I’d love to get him something he will really enjoy. Food was always his passion...but I’m unsure what I can get him that will be safe to consume? Any suggestions (food or otherwise) would be welcome. Thank you!

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Just a few thoughts although I don't know what's practicle in your situation. My husband likes to be read to. He also wants me nearby. You might just try reading him a book he'd like on the phone or try Books on Tape that the caregivers can play for him. I wonder also if they might allow a visit from a dog - if he likes that sort of thing. If all else fails, make a donation to a PSP organization in his honor. My son raised over $3000 for CurePSP on Facebook for his own birthday.

He struggles with his concentration and cognition a lot now sadly- I’ve bought him something voice controlled so he can listen to audio books and music but he’s never used it. He loves animals and they do animal based visits there already. The donation is a lovely idea though so I’ll definitely do that. Thank you for your suggestions! :)

My husband enjoyed audio books, podcasts or listening to the radio. A small speakers placed nearby the bed / chair worked well for us. Special cups with clip on lids/ straws and selection of nice cordials which hide the taste of the thickener. A comfort blanket with nice texture or fidgety toys were all things my husband received as gifts and enjoyed.

Love Tippy

Ahhh they are great ideas. My dad can’t really concentrate on audio books now sadly- I bought him an Alexa to use for that and music but he can never remember how to use it / follow along. I was unsure about what the thickener would taste like in drinks so the cordial is a good one. I will look into the blanket and toys too. Thanks for your help! x

Boyce3600 in reply to Tippyleaf

Can u elaborate on fidgety toys that he liked?

Tippyleaf in reply to Boyce3600

Fidget toys are marketed for autism or dementia. My husband had difficulty just sitting and the fidget toys helped keep him calm and safe.

Love Tippy

Different flavors of ice cream, gelato or sorbet? If he can handle it. I give my mom ice cream sandwiches because it’s something she can hold herself and enjoy without needing to be fed. I’m sorry you can’t be with him. I think writing him a meaningful note in a card to be read to him would be nice.

Ahhh I wish, as he loves ice cream but he’s in a home and I’m not sure I’ve cream would travel too well. It would be a bit risky! I’ve got him a nice card with some meaningful words in x

Chris loved music so would listen to CDs or radio most mornings and then would have films or dramas on the tv later in the day. He wanted me to sit with him in the afternoons. So everyone knew that CDs or DVDs were good presents for him.

Hope this helps


We organised a cushion with a photo of the family on so that my mother In law could hug it if she felt a little sad. Easy to organise via internet.

Heady in reply to GAS-25

What a lovely idea. Will have to remember this for my Mum.

Kellsbelles in reply to GAS-25

Thank you! I have now got him a large canvas picture of him and his grandson on- hoping he can see it. I’ll try the cushion idea for Christmas! X

GAS-25 in reply to Kellsbelles

Fabulous, I hope he likes it. I am sure he will love looking at the picture and seeing you all. The cushion was definitely a hit with my Mother in-law, we know she takes it to bed with her.

Gillian. Xx

Are there certain smells that he likes? Room scenters come in all sorts of fragrances these days. Does he like nice toiletries? My Dad loved a nice shower gel & aftershave.

Rich creamy desserts such as Pots & Co (Sainsburys & Waitrose stock them) have a texture that my Mum could manage until almost the end & are high in calories as well.

A knee blanket - I'm sure someone in the past said they got a photo blanket done.

Do they take him out into the garden at all? If so a wrap for round his shoulders, is easier than putting on a coat or a handwarmer (much easier than gloves & a good tissue holder) - we got Mum a furry one & she used to nurse it as if was a cat curled up on her lap.

Kellsbelles in reply to AJK2001

Thank you. Some amazing ideas! They have helped me greatly :) X

The last few months when my husbands vision and cognition were poor, a radio seemed to be what he enjoyed most. I just got him a small simple radio, but he still had to have help using it. He also loved getting a box of See's candy. Not being able to visit is so hard.



Thank you! He has the radio on his Alexa but I don’t think he listens. I know he listens to the radio with the others in his home sometimes though. X

My sister has the same issues as your dad and the one thing that she loves is her 'audible' books that she listens to on her i pad...The staff have to set it up for her and for gifts I tell the family send her a gift cert. for an audible book..Just a thought!! Liz

Sorry I didn't read other posts before I wrote mine!! Liz

What about a large printed crossword puzzle book?

Thank you for your idea. He can’t write anymore and his cognitive thinking isn’t good enough sadly. X

I made my husband a large story board for his room. There was a section on our home as we were building it, one of family and one on fun things we did over the years. It included my husband on a tractor working on our building site, with his family at holidays and on a kneeboard behind our boat. I tried to represent our life over the years. It gave his caregivers and hospice workers things to talk to him about even when he couldn't answer them. These one-sided conversations are difficult when you don't know the person. I wanted them to know him.


My apologies, I should of realized from your text that a large print puzzle wouldn’t work.

I would say check on amazon for gifts for adults with arthritis or Alzheimer’s. I don’t think amazon knows psp. Maybe something with clay type features - so he can manipulate.


Then there is always DVD’s and/or book audio tapes.

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