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CHC thoughts + advise needed

Lots are going through the CHC hoops at the moment. We are just about to get on that merry-go-round! Just a thought, perhaps we all ought to monitor the people coming, their rank and how long they stay. To judge what, just the assessing is costing the NHS. I dread to think what the answer is going to be!

Need advise! S is taking forever to eat his food now, also struggling with drinking. Two hours to eat his evening meal is the norm. His appetite is fine, clears his plate. Only has a few issues with swallowing, with liquids. Have got special knives and fork, but that, while helping him, is not speeding things up. It seems to lack of attention. I tried turning the T V off, (I know, naughty, but it's what we do!) but that meant, I had to just sit for hours, with nothing to do! Is this the time to start cutting his food? He says no, it's almost as if he has forgotten what to do,( there's a surprise!). But how do I get around this. Certainly, no incentive to cook food, he never eats it hot! Yet another vicious circle to try and get of!!!

Lots of love


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Have you tried having your main meal at lunch time. I know Brians more alert during the day. We have no problems with his concentration once his plate is put in front of him its almost as if he has blinkers on and earplugs in and he just concentrates on eating.

Being as Brian has only got the use of one hand he uses a scoop spoon and i put a plate gaurd on so its a simple process for him (at the moment ).


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If he doesn't want to see you cut it up, start giving him smaller pieces on his plate when you serve it. I had a similar situation and started cutting, all the food before serving so mine was cut up as well. I also served him half the amount and when he had cleared his plate, microwaved the remaining half. Eventually he asked me to feed him as he wanted it quicker and got fed up with me telling him not to cram it all into his mouth. Now everything is liquidised or mashed. It still takes 45 minutes for breakfast and at least an hour each for the other two meals.. I still microwave half way through and so do the hospice at the day centre he attends. Don't be put off cooking. Food is something to look forward to and should be nutritious and look appetising. If he is prepared to take that long and clear his plate, he must enjoy what you cook so don't give up. I'm afraid very long mealtimes comes with PSP.




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Heady I have started just cutting up George's food, and just give it to him, don't give him a choice just cut it up. George sits and looks at his dinner, when I tell him to eat it, he says it is to hot, so just leave him, but keep reminding him.

There is so many assessments for the CHC, they are dealing with terminally ill people, they are not going to get better, so why all the assessments, just seems a waste of time and money, we have had 2 so far, and more to come.

Sun is out heady so have a good day. Yvonne xxxxxx


Know just how you feel Heady. Awaiting panal decision too. Peter.


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