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The PSP Chronicles Volume II - Paperback Now Available


My second book is now available in paperback through Amazon. It may take up to 2 weeks for its expanded retailers to upload the files. There's more content in this book than my first one... trying bring my journey to a closer timeline. And, like before I would ask that you please give the book a review on Amazon. Why an Amazon Book Review?

Amazon is the largest platform for online book sales – The PSP Chronicles, You, Me & PSP included.

Book reviews are incredibly important – it’s how readers choose what to buy and it helps a book gain traction on Amazon, among all the other books available for purchase. Amazon reviews carry weight, that’s why I’ll ask for them at every turn. Statistics show that authors need to aim for a minimum of 50 Amazon reviews to gain traction.

Amazon reviews are the single most critical to boost potential book sales online. The more people who review a book, the higher book’s title climbs on Amazon’s algorithm, meaning more people will see the book. There over 8 million titles for sale on Amazon, the more exposure my book receives - could be more potential sales. The higher the sales = larger donations to PSPA and Cure PSP. More donations = more money towards research for a treatment-cure and support for PSP, CBD and MSA.

Volume III The Journey Continues... Is half-way through completion, expect a summer release.

Tim x

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Hi, just walked in the door from Portland, Oregon, 7:40pm. Read your email. Went directly to It's only presently available on Kindle. I will keep checking. Maybe I won't have to wait 2 weeks.

Blessings, Margarita, LosAngeles, CA, USA

in reply to enjoysalud

It can take up to 72 hours, but rest assured it's published.

ISBN 978-1-6995-1963-9... another search method, should you require an additional search method. Happy reading when you do receive the book.

Tim x

Fantastic Tim I have just ordered this and written a review of the first book which I loved reading. I love your honesty and I loved the fact that it made me relive some happy memories of my husband when he was suffering with PSP. Although it is a dreadful life limiting condition we still shared happy times right up to the end and your descriptions helped me to remember those. So thank you and as your book title says we must keep on keeping on

Love Sarahxxx

in reply to Hiking13

Thank you for sharing the journey with me. It pleases me to know that my story brings back happy memories for you... a little light in a lot of darkness.

Tim x

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