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The PSP Chronicles Volume II Keep On, Keeping On


Excerpt - The Perils of Dressing

Every morning I’m accosted by the “normal for me now” PSP punishment. Grasping for the bed-rail is a warm-up exercise. The bobble wobble walk to the bathroom will have me failing a roadside sobriety check. It has become safer to squat on the toilet to pee than to stand, I’m less likely to have a mess to clean. My mind wandered I can hear an announcement over the P.A. system; clean-up in en suite number one. Worse than that (what could be?), the toilet seat could fall...

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You obviously read about as far as I read this morning. Brilliant. I laughed by page 5. He has a lovely way of describing things. Nigel would have so appreciated it. AliBee x

daddyt in reply to AliBee1

You're further ahead than I am (:

Tim x

I finally got to order it thro forward to getting it and reading it. I will write a review when finished with it.

Thankyou...Margarita, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Oh I do apologise so very sincerely. I had not connected book with daddyt. I will blame it on the stinking cough/cold I still have. I just love your description of things and was laughing on page 4 with regards to your legs masqurading as tree stumps. Nigel had CBD but he was more annoyed about his legs than anything else and the voice telling you that you have bed rails made me laugh out loud.

I felt very envious of you seeing the bald eagle, page 73, and for you thanking God for it. Nigel so loved birds and when we had to move in 2018 to a bungalow in town we had french windows looking out on an apple tree and he would spend ours in his riser recliner chair watching them. We no longer had the raptors in the field behind us as in our old house but subsequently had many more smaller garden birds and they make one believe in the glory of God. Nature has a habit of doing that.

I use words to express how I am feeling and I am so enjoying your way of using words too.

I am writing down the number of all the pages that have special meaning for me to share as I know these diseases are awful but if Nigel and I had not had humour and faith we would not have got through it together as well as we did.

Love AliBee

I wrote the enclosed at the beginning of my second poetry book after my 1st husband died when I was 47.

Chris said that he envied my love of words.

I'm so lucky I can use them like the flight of birds,

To take my feelings and set them free,

To float on the thermals leaving me free to find me.

That's something, at the moment, that is hard to do,

For whatever I'm doing, erratic feelings come too.

These feelings can soar like the eagle in flight,

Or plummet, like the owl on its prey at night.

Gone are the days when my feelings could slide,

Like the albatross in a gentle glide.

daddyt in reply to AliBee1

Beautifully written. God's signature is everywhere... we only need eyes to see. Do share those pages that hold special meaning for you, I think it's helpful for everyone to talk about this dis-ease. There can be light in all the darkness and... it's okay to be able laugh. It's better than crying. My motto - when you can't win, you can at least grin.

Tim x

AliBee1 in reply to daddyt

Will do. Thank you.

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