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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and good news


Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. They mean so much to Liz and I.

You are such wonderful people.

I am going to read some of the posts to Liz today - She is still very aware and still with us.

I am doing short visits three times a day. Liz prefers that as she does not like the Victorian idea of folk sitting with her for hours. She still prefers a good audio book or Coronation Street!

Good News:

Liz was very aware that with her bottom lip trapped she could not get food or fluids. Last night when I went to see her she hat all but freed her lip herself. Together we finished freeing it. I then ran off and got a nurse and she treated it as best she could. It had ballooned up inside her mouth and was horribly bitten. They then gave her morphine for the pain and started getting fluids into her using a large syringe (no needle). So now she is not slipping away feeling thirst and hunger.

What jubilation!

I left her listening to Jo Brands book, "Born Lippy". The irony was not lost on Liz!

I'm having to take my turn seeing her at the moment. Friends and her sisters and nieces are all queuing up to visit her. Everyone is bathing her with love as are you wonderful folks.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Liz and Kevin

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Hi Kevin

That’s good news for you both and pleased that she’s getting some fluids with the syringe

My thoughts are with you both and she is such a trooper managing getting her lip sorted

As always Kevin take care of yourself too

Sending hugs kisses and love to both of you

Sue x

Helen119 in reply to Suebatt

Love and hugs to you both xxx

Glad to hear.

Thanks for posting Kevin,

My heart :) 's for you both!

Sending gentle hugs... Granni B

Sending big hugs to you and Liz from a very sunny France.

Thinking about you both.

Love the choice of the book , lol !

Dawn , xx


You know you are both in my heart x

Joyful hugs to you both

Lynda 😊

My thoughts for Liz are filled withprayers for her peace and comfort. It sounds like she is headed in that direction .

That’s wonderful news for both of you. Your love and thoughts have been a true gift to all those suffering with PSP and those who love and care for them. Thank you to both you and lovely Liz.💜

Same with all Amanda said xxxxx


Thank you for all you do for this forum. You are one of the pillars of this community for wisdom, information, and support. I always enjoy reading your posts. Give our love to Liz.

Thoughts and prayers with you both,


What a relief that Liz’s lip no longer trapped and she can get some fluids. Even better news to hear good pain relief is on hand. I hope you both can feel the love from all of us on HealthUnlocked

Wishing you both peace and calm

Love and hugs Tippy

Great news Kevin. Hope Liz is enjoying the audio book. xx

I remember that Ben bit into his gums and it caused horrible ulcers and a lot of discomfort so know exactly what is going on with dear Liz. So pleased she has been able to release the locked jaw and able yo take fluids. Your account brings everything flooding back Kevin, 9 months since Ben left me abs it feels like yesterday. Sending lots of love and support to you both.

Kate xxxx

That indeed is good news.

Best wishes n prayers for you both.


Oh that is good news, still difficult I know but....

Love n hugs to you both


Great news Kevin. Big hugs to you and Liz.💕💕💕

So tremendously pleased. Think you're both splendid.

What a fighter Liz must be ! Courage to you both and I`m sure humour helps even at the worst of times. The choice of book title was superb !

Hugs to you both, stay strong.


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