Smile for today

Liz cut her leg in the shower this morning whilst shaving for her weekly massage.

The carer (a sensible woman in her 40's) started gabbling on about how she could not prevent it and that she had applied a plaster and it was still bleeding and should we get her to the doctor?

It was a very tiny nick!

Why are we so risk averse now?

Anyway I looked at her with a solemn face and said that she must record it in the notes as a suicide attempt. The carers eyes became as big a saucers and her jaw literally dropped.

It was only when Liz started laughing that she cottoned on and she too had a good laugh.

Liz had a big grin on her face for at least an hour.


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  • Nice one Kevin glad Liz and carer saw funny side.

    M gave up leg waxing/shaving about 2 yr ago when beautician said her lack of muscle tone made hair removal difficult since then been in trousers. legs thinner and skin even looser so nursing home do not want to do hair removal due to care issues. M seems to no longer care about excess hair except on face, though she insists on a good hair do still.

    I think it is part of the PSP progression less and less concern over personal upkeep.

    Glad Liz is still trying to look after herself best wishes Tim

  • A little cut when in water will look as if it is gushing blood. And plasters not much help would suggest getting some cigarette papers to stop the bleeding from shaving cuts. Janexx

  • We'll try that thanks :)

  • Thx u for sharing

    Made me smile

    Although I hope the cut is ok now!

    😉 x

  • hahahahaha well I guess it's better to have an overreactive carer than one who could not care less.....Tell Liz to embrace the French ideals on hair....let it grow! I've always heard that the French don't shave their legs...about 20 years ago I to embraced that way of more nylons, no more Bic shavers that never break down will for ever pollute the landfills and or oceans....Freedom baby....Plus I get quite a giggle when my conservative little church ladies (and fellow school teachers) gawk at my hairy legs...hahahah

    So Liz..let it grow baby....your Masseuse had rubbed hair before hahahaha


  • One advantage of being older I've found, body hair doesn't grow fast any more.......except on my face!!!!


  • hahaha everything shifts eh?

  • Thanks for making me laugh Kevin.


  • That was very naughty of you Kevin, that poor woman was obviously scared witless. Very funny though.

    Kate xx

  • Well it was, but it had a purpose.

    This carer does nearly all of of that agencies visits with us. She wants to train as a nurse and so she beats herself up to get things perfect. She's also warm and caring. A delight to have as a carer.

    But she is so frightened of making any mistake at all.

    I hear a lot more giggling and laughter from Liz and her whilst the care is going on now.



  • Giggling and laughter; I think Psychology Today calls it, "Healing"!

    for both of the girls , I'm sure....doin you some good too ,eh?

  • Love it Kevin!!!

    Lots of love


  • Glad it all ended in a good laugh, even made me giggle. xx

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