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You are appreciated

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Thought all you wonderful, selfless caregivers would appreciate this poem.

To My Caregiver

I am sorry if I took my anger

and poured it out on you

its only because you do for me

the things I use to do,

I never mean to hurt you

by the things that I might say,

I am only angered at myself

not you in any way

its hard when I cant be

the man that I use to be,

instead of helping you now

it is you who is helping me,

I lost the strength I use to have

my pride has been knocked down

and I have no one else to tell

so I vent when your around,

I don't take time, to stop and think,

how much you really care,

and I don't realize how much you mean

until you are no longer there,

its by far not your fault

nor is it any thing you do,

its only because your there

that I take it out on you,

I say how much I wish

that you had never come along,

and how much better off I would be

if only you were gone,

these words of hurt and anger

that would tear others apart,

yet you never leave my side, because

you know their not coming from my heart,

when I am feeling down

you know I best like to be alone,

you are always somewhere close to me

but leave me on my own,

in a very understanding way

you carry me through life,

I would never want you to feel any way

but loved, my wonderful loving wife.

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A true testimony and such a tear jerker!

This disease is not the fault of any of us and so if I could write a poem it would say

Do not blame you or me

This is not how we wanted our lives to be

I love you now as I did since we met

And forever our hearts we should never forget

Our love !

Never good at poetry !!

Sending Love


Pam, that was a lovely poem and so true.

Love Nanny857xx

Beautiful. Thank you so much xxxx

Lovely and so relevant to me at the moment. Thank you xx

Helen xxx

OMG Tim, I absolutely love it! Heartbreaking but I’m sure so so true.

Did you write this? X

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daddyt in reply to Satt2015

No... I wish I did. This written by Stan Bryant, a poet with Parkinson's.

Tim x

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Marie_14 in reply to daddyt

Tim thank you for sharing. Very moving and beautiful.

Marie x

That is very special, Tim. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you Tim for sharing

Hope you are keeping as well as can be.

Best wishes Nanny857 x

💜 Wonderful.

Beautiful! This made me smile and cry at the same time.

I wrote a poem to myself a long time ago from a caregivers perspective. I just kept it in my notes but now I’d like to share it with you too. I will tell you upfront that I am no poet. 😬

Random thoughts:

I wish to be selfless and not weak.

Is he in good enough hands?

Do I NOT foresee the problems that be.

I didn’t sign up for this disease and of course, nor did he.

Whatever will I do when he leaves me?

Maybe I will go first for my heart is breaking.

Do I want this nightmare to end? No, not one bit. For I will be lost when he is gone.

Where will I find the strength to go on?

So many unanswered questions.

So many random thoughts.

I’m grieving and he is right here with me. How can that be?

Rolling with the punches because I’m where I want to be.

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daddyt in reply to SewBears

Sewbears - Tight from the heart. You're a poet and didn't know it.

Tim x

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Marie_14 in reply to SewBears

Sewbears I wish I could write like that. It's so true and heartfelt.

Marie x

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Marie_14 in reply to SewBears

Sewbears that is beautiful. So very true and from the heart.

Marie x

How beautiful is this xxx

So lovely.

Thank you for sharing Tim

Lynda x

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