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Communication apps?

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Hi there. Im visiting my good friend has PSP. She lives 10 hours of travel away and I haven’t been able to visit for over a year. Over this time she has progressed to a stage where she cannot speak and has limited mobility. She is now being cared for in a residential unit. She has an iPad and wondering if there are any recommendations on apps for communicating. She has just one simple app on it for communicating - I think it’s called predictive. Her typing is very slow and takes a lot of energy. Any recommendations?

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Check out the GoTalk app - there is an entry level that's free (or was, when I checked it out) and a more thorough version that costs. Several users have vouched for it here, and I found it pretty easy to download and trial. I didn't end up using it, as our SALT linked us up with a non-profit org that used a custom app for my hubby. You have to spend some time inputting stuff into any app you use....

Good luck!

Anne G.

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Pam_NZ in reply to raincitygirl

Thanks Anne. I searched but couldn’t find that app - is it for android?

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Hi Pam - I work in apple, but I think it's available for both apple and android. I found it again just now under GoTalk NOW and GoTalk NOW Plus.... It should come up on your internet search?? (I tried to copy the link, but I didn't get it "live"..sorry..)


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